Friday, 7 June 2019


Hey readers,

This week for my word of the week I choose the word:

because even though the kids have returned back to school it has been busy. 

Both boys now have joined a couple of after-school clubs. This is my youngest first time and he absolutely loved it because he loves being just like his older brother.  Plus going swimming and scouts it has felt very busy. 

At the weekend Saturday was gorgeous. We visited one of our favourite park locally to us and had a picnic.

On Sunday we went to an open day at a local fire station and the boys had a lovely time checking out the fire engines and even got to sit in the front of one which pleased them greatly.

In other news, my youngest received a gold sparkly pencil which children can get for doing really well in making improvements to their handwriting. 

Hope you have had a good week. 

Cheers for reading. 


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