Friday, 9 July 2021

Iced cold coffee recipe.

 Hey readers, 

Looking for an awesome cold beverage to have during the summer. Then you need to try this iced cold coffee recipe down below. 

iced coffee recipe
What you will need.

* Coffee (granules or filtered).

* Sugar.

* Coffee syrup.

* Ice cubes.

* Milk or cream.

How to make the iced cold coffee.

1. Make a cup of coffee and add sugar (optional) put it into a jug and mix well until it has dissolved. 

2. Let the coffee cool down to room temperature and then put the jug in the fridge for 1 hour so that it is chilled. 

3. Put some ice into the glass.

4.  Pour the coffee into the glass.

5. add some coffee syrup mix together there you have your iced coffee. 

Iced cold coffee recipe


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  1. I have been drinking these and love them. I don't add coffee syrup to them though, I don't have any and they still taste so good. It is a refreshing change from a hot cup of coffee. x

  2. I'm not a big coffee person, but this looks refreshing - thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

  3. I love iced coffee- probably more than hot coffee!

    Katrina x

  4. Ooohh that does look like a lovely refreshing drink for summer. I love the smell of coffee, but haven't got into drinking it. But, hubby does, so I'll have to whip one of these up as a surprise for him! Thank you for joining us for #mischiefandmemories xx

  5. I used to loved iced coffee before I went vegan but haven't had it since. Might have a go at this with plant milk to see how it tastes. I'm off to search for coffee syrup... Thanks for linking up with MischiefAndMemories.