Monday, 19 July 2021

A to Z of parenting

Hey readers,

Parenting invokes all times of emotions and ideas. So I thought it would be fun to do a blog post of A to Z of all things parent-related.

A to Z of parenting

A - arguments because the changes of arguments are high whether it be a disagreement with your partner or your child giving you check it happens, it's normal and sometimes it is good to have an argument to clear the air. 

B - besotted with your baby when it is born and being mesmerised with how you have created this small creature.
C - chores are forever there with children it just stops cleaning, even if you do now and again go on a strike it will be there. The list will never end so do what you can don't stress about it. 

D - Discipline - because it is really important to teach your child right from wrong. It will help them be a good person and also making parenting so much easier. 

E-education is so important in our lives because it is where we get knowledge and learn vital skills such as reading, forming opinions, and reasoning to name a few. 

F - fathers - because they are part of the deal of parenting. 

G - google - thank goodness at times to find helpful information for example I learned how to clean milk bottles (trust me I needed several times to master this skill). So, Google helps me and gives me confidence in learning knowing that some answers are available. 

H - homework - My kids are currently at primary school and do homework and I hate it. Sadly, it starts at reception and finishes right at the end. Hopefully, as my kids get older it will be less of a chore as I need to motivate them as not kids want to comply. 

I - imagination - Kids love this stuff, me not so much. 

J - jokes are so important to help manage life parenthood. You need some lightheartedness to help get through them bleak periods. 

K kindness - sometimes we can be really heard about ourselves as parents because we want to do the best for our children. But you also need to give yourself some slack and be kind because that too will impact parenting in the long run.  

L - laughs- nothing is as cute as hearing kids have innocent fits of laughter. 

M- mothers - the other part of the parenting world. 

N - no - is the most overused words when being a parent. 

O - opinions are raff everywhere you will find them. Whether it is family members, other parents, and the odd moaning cow at the bus stop looking down at you. You have to learn to go with what feels right for you and sometimes you seek advice that is fine but when it comes down to the unsolicited variety just take it with a pinch of salt, you can't please everyone. 

P - parenting welcome along, it is a long journey and I don't think it will ever end until you die I think. 

Q - quiet  - these times you appreciate and savor like never before. 

R - routine - some enjoy like myself find comfort in having some sort of control and it helps children as well to feel settled.

S - shouting - you will shout at times, you feel crap after however sometimes you little darlin's just don't listen.

T - tears - whether it is from you worrying about your child, them crying over something dear to them, or being overtired there be many tears shed. 

U - unpredictability - just when you think you have this parenting lark sussed something comes along and tests you out. 

V - volume because especially when kids go to school it seems they get louder when they come home even though they stand right next to your eardrum and shout. I have lost count on how many times I have to say quiet or use your indoor voice. 

W - worn out - this is often a feeling, especially during the earlier years. 

X - xylophone - why did you think was a good idea to get this musical instrument for your child to smash the crap out of it. 

Y - you - because you count as well and do something for you that you enjoy. 

Z - zombie - the times when you become a parent and you lose so much sleep you are walking around like a zombie. 

Cheers for reading X

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  1. Cute. Xylophone is SO true! #FortheloveofBlog

  2. This is brilliant- I may steal the idea and do one myself.

    Katrina x

  3. What did parents do before google? Seriously! I don't think I could parent without it! Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofblog

  4. I do love a good old A-Z - you've captured the essence of parenting so perfectly in this post. Thanks for linking up to #ForTheLoveofBlog x

  5. Oh don’t get me started on the xylophone! Worst purchase ever! Love this so true!

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