Friday, 23 July 2021

75 acts of kindness

Hey readers, 

sometimes it is good to do something for someone else with not wanted something in return. It can really make the person feel good regardless of how big or small the gesture is. Below I have 75 ways to show someone an act of kindness. 

75 acts of kindness

1. Bake cookies for the elderly.

2. Hold open the door for someone.

3. Do a favour for someone without expecting a favour in return. 

4. Snap a photo of a couple. 

5. Hole the lift for someone. 

6. Send flowers to a friend.

7. Make someone laugh. 

8. Send an interesting article to a friend.

9. Say good morning.

10. Make a drink for your work colleague. 

11. give an unexpected compliment. 

12. Return a lost item to the owner.

13. Give blood. 

14. Donate your old glasses.

15. Sign up for a shift at your local soup kitchen. 

16. Sign up for the bone marrow register.

17. Become an organ donor. 

18. Donate unwanted items to the charity shop. 

19. Read stories to school children.

20. Leave positive notes in random places. 

21. Go litter picking in your local park. 

22. Comment something positive on Instagram. 

23. Donate to someone's go fund page.

24. Offter to babysit for free. 

25. Tell a new mum she is doing a good job. 

26. Let someone go in front of you in traffic. 

27. Let someone go in front of you in the queen. 

28. Volunteer at an animal shelter. 

29. Smile at a stranger.

30. Organise a fundraiser or raffle. 

31. Mow your neighbour's lawn.

32. Read a book for an elderly person.

33. Leave a nice note on someone's car.

34. Give your favorite book to a friend.

35. Send a care package to someone you miss. 

36. Participate in a charity walk or run.

37. Buy the person behind you a coffee.

38. Take a neighbors dog for a walk. 

39. Wash someone's dishes.

40. Give your seat up for someone on the bus.

41. Share your umbrella with someone. 

42. Cheer someone on. 

43. Offer to drive.

44. Donate gifts to children in foster homes.

45. Offer to tutor a struggling student.

46. Donate your hair after you have had a haircut to a charity.

47. Instead of birthday gifts request donations to a charity.

48. Help someone declutter their home. 

49. Practice patience by reframing from road rage when driving. 

50. Help someone find a job.

51. Wash a neibours car.

52. Plant a tree.

53. Collect recyclables.

54. Feed the birds in a local park.

55. Offer someone your last piece of chewing gum. 

56. Actually, put the shopping trolley back to its original place.

57. Make a bird feeder and put it outside for the birds to enjoy.

58. Plant flowers for the bees. 

59. Buy or build a compost bin for use in gardens. 

60. Visit an animal shelter.

61. Reduce the amount of meat you eat. 

62. Help make dinner. 

63. Leave a thank you note above the post box. 

64. Write to your mp about something that could be improved in the area that you live in. 

65. Make everyone's bed for them.

66. Hug someone today. 

67. Get someone to go on an adventure with you. 

68. Give someone a list of things you love about them. 

69. Treat someone to the cinema. 

70. Prepare breakfast in bed for the family. 

71. Teach someone a new skill. 

72. Tip generously. 

73. If you see a parent trying to take a photo of their children offer to take a picture for them for the whole family. 

74. When someone speaks, listen tentatively. 

75. Do your best to make people feel included in the conversation.  

Are there any acts of kindness that I have missed on the list that you think are good ideas? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

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  1. What a wonderful list. So many brilliant ideas for small acts of kindness. #MMBC

  2. What lovely ideas. It would be a good challenge to try and do all of these things. x

  3. These are great recommendations and remind me that we can always do SOMETHING!

  4. What a lovely post. I think there are a lot of people who could do with practising some of these. x

  5. This is great. I'm going to set some of these up as this lockdown drags on....#MischiefandMemories

  6. Number 4- I love to offer to take pictures of families together, so often it's mum or dad in the picture whilst the other takes the photo or it's a squinty selfie squished in together. It's lovely when you get the chance to have a proper family photo.

    Katrina x

  7. So many wonderful acts of kindness! I often offer and get asked to take photos of others; probably because I am usually walking around with my big camera and they see that I enjoy taking photos. I have tried repeatedly through the years to donate blood but I have never been able to.

  8. Some lovely kind things to be doing.
    Thanks for linking with #pocolo