Monday, 5 July 2021

7 reasons why I hate the school run.

Hey readers,

I hate the school run, it is a pain the ass. Let me tell you the reasons why below. 

7 reasons why I hate the school run

1.The weather.

Let's face it going to pick or drop off your little darlings when it is absolutely pissing it down or raging hot is always fun said no parent ever! Your either blinded by the blazing sun or getting drowned as a rat is often the case. Then you left either sweating or soaked through and cold. 

2. People parking like morans. 

When your trying to walk to school with the kids and the bloody cars are parked on the pavement taking up most of the path so it is extremely difficult to get around when there are also other people going in the opposite direction. Not to mention when cars park in bus lanes because they can't be arsed to make the effort to walk less than probably 5 minutes away from their home or park further away in a suitable spot because it is so lazy. 

3. Kids on scooters and bikes. 

Trying to just get your kids to school is a ball ache but then you have other obstacles to deal with like maneuvering around other children who are on bikes or scooters is fun as sometimes let's just say they are not good in a straight line and it may be a cause of having to jump out of the frigging way in order to be knocked down with everyone staring at you.

4.  Getting out of the door.

Sometimes the hardest part of the school run is the actual getting out of the front door. Kids will forget something, take their time putting on their shoes, or most like mess about with their siblings so they forget that they have a short time to get out of the door and to school. Other than bedtime this time is when they go into a sloth mood and no other time will you will see your child slow right down, sod's law I guess. 

5. Dog poo.

Where I live in an urban area and quite a few people in the neighborhood have dogs which means DOG POO. Quite often owners of dogs where I live haven't got the memo that you need to pick up the poo after the dogs had a shit. Therefore not only are you trying to avoid other children on scooters/bikes your also trying to maneuver around the dog poo. There is nothing more annoying than having dog poo on your show and trying to rub the dame thing off on the grass. 

6. Realising you have forgotten something your child needs. 

There are no many things happening and if your late because you have accidentally *ahem* tapped too many times on the snooze button of the alarm and therefore resemble a headless chicken then chances are you will end up forgetting a form, pe kit, etc. You most definitely have to go back a second trip to take the wanted item in.

7 I look like crap. 

waking up early in the morning, trying to get kids ready for school you forget or don't have the time to get yourself ready especially by the end of the week where you knackered and motivation to do their bare minimum is low so you end up looking like crap but it's ok as your not the only parent at there to crap ;)

Do you resonate with how I feel about the school run? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X



  1. This list made me smile. I stopped doing the school run long before my boys finished school, but so much of this brings back not-so-great memories! #MMBC

  2. I'm so with you. I haven't done the school run for quite some time but I can relate to all of this. My husband now drops my youngest off at school which is not so bad at the moment, it's a one way street to the school gate and the cars pull up, the kids jump out and the teachers are there waiting to guide them into school. Only parents of reception and yr 1 are actually allowed in the playground at the moment. I wish that had been an option when I did the school run. He does still forget things though. He had to come back twice last week!

  3. Ahh! I used to feel the same but now I have no school run to do I actually miss it. lol x

  4. We're very lucky in that our school run is a short one and we always walk but I'm with you on the stress at getting out of the door. We also have several inconsiderate dog owners in our area and I get very cross at the amount of dog poo we often encounter on walks. The inconsiderate parking at school run time also drives me bonkers. #MMBC

  5. #2 does my head in. We have 2 schools on our street so even tho I don't have to do the school run I'm still in that chaos every day!! #FortheloveofBLOG

  6. My daughter is due to start school in September. I am dreading the school run already haha. At least it is closer than nursery though! #fortheloveofblog

  7. For me it is hands down the weather - it has been so hideous recently and it's supposed to be summer! Completely ridiculous. Thanks for linking up to #ForTheLoveofBlog

  8. I just think that I am getting sick of the same old monotony of the school run now. I need 6 weeks off! #MMBC

  9. haha this is hilarious! and so true! I do "daycare" runs - haven't go to school runs yet - but I think all of the points above apply to daycares as well :) Particularly agree on point n.7! #fortheloveofblog

  10. I really don't miss the school run at all! It's total pants.
    I agree with all of the above. I hate it when people leave dog mess behind, there is no excuse for that. x

  11. Yep totally with you on this and it’s the damm weather always rains on pick up why is that #fortheloveofblog

  12. Omg WHYYYYY does it always rain on the school run, what is that about?! Love this post, made me laugh :) #fortheloveofblog