Monday, 12 July 2021

75 fun things to do over summer.

 Hey readers,

Summer is among us and you may be looking for some ideas of fun things to do. So check out my electric list of ideas to make you want to do something this summertime. 

75 fun things to do over summer.

1. Bike rides.

2. Make ice cream. 

3. Have a picnic at the park. 

4. Do a puzzle.

5. Visit a splash park. 

6. Plant flowers or vegetables.

7. Berry picking. 

8. Take an early/late walk. 

9. Fly a kite. 

10. Go to the cinema. 

11. Try new food. 

12.  Go to an amusement park. 

13. Take a road trip. 

14. Feed the ducks. 

15. Go to the beach.

16. Ride in a hot air balloon. 

17. Make tie-dye T-shirts.

18. Learn to fly fish.

19. Have a water balloon fight.

20. Play disc golf. 

21. Visit a museum. 

22. Collect natural objects for art.
23. Host a bake-off.

24. Geocache. 

25. Send a postcard.

26. People watch.

27. Take a scroll through sunflower fields.

28. Make a summer wreath.

29. Eat al fresco. 

30. Try out a new dessert recipe. 

31. Make slush puppies. 

32. Pick wildflowers. 

33. Have a BBQ.

34. Sleep with your windows open. 

35. Make your own salsa. 

36. Go fishing. 

37. Take a hike. 

38. Take a canoe ride. 

39. Stay inside because it is too hot to go outside. 

40. Do a walking tour of your nearest city. 

41. Wash your car properly. 

42. Practice yoga in the park. 

43. Play minigolf.

44. Visit the library.

45. Take a walk and listen to a podcast. 

46. Take photographs of nature. 

47. Go to an outdoor film screening. 

48. Skim stones at a pond. 

49. Walk barefoot. 

50. Go to the zoo or a city farm. 

51. Mow the lawn. 

52. Eat a slice of watermelon. 

53. Find fun shapes in clouds. 

54. Camp in your garden.

55. Collect seashells.

56. Play kickball. 

57. Make s'mores.

58. Lego challenges.

59. Spend the day doing things that don't cost a penny.

60. Make a list of things when you are bored. 

61. Write a novel or short story. 

62. Blog. 

63. Vlog.

64. Buy a digital photo frame and fill it with your favourite photos. 

65. Dance like no one is watching. 

66. Print one of your favourite photos. Then enlarge it and put it in a photo frame. 

67. Watch an entire series on Netflix. 

68. Work on a puzzle.

69. Do something completely out of your comfort zone. 

70. Stargaze at night. 

71. Make a travel inspiration board.

72. Go for a scenic drive.

73. Plant a herb garden. 

74. Make a birdfeeder. 

75. Check out virtual performances. 

Have I missed something on the list that you think would make a good idea to do during summertime? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X


  1. I think we will be doing a lot of these things. I really can't wait for the summer holidays.

  2. So many lovely ideas here! I love the summer holidays! #MMBC

  3. Lots of fun ideas for the summer holidays here and I suspect we'll be doing a few of them. We're putting together our summer activities list this week so this list will be useful if we're in need of any more ideas! #MMBC

  4. I love all of these and particularly love that you have tasty things mixed through the activities, that's my kind of summer! #fortheloveofblog

  5. This list reads half in lockdown/ half out. Or has my lockdown skewed things? I keep thinking 'oh I could do that' but then 'not possible' for others...hehehe #FortheloveofBlog

  6. Great list! We are going to be home for the whole of summer so going to need this list. Thanks for linking up to #ForTheLoveofBlog!

  7. Awesome list. I see me coming back to this after the first week of the holidays when I have ran out of ideas! Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofblog

  8. I've actually just bought a packet of water balloons for the school holidays - such fun! Thanks so much for linking up with #fortheloveofblog