Monday, 26 July 2021

You know it is half term holiday when...

Hey readers,

I have seen many associations with myself and other parents with children when it comes to half term. Here is the list of my favorites.

You know it is half term when...

1. Ice lollies. 

If it is sunny the ice lollies come out and are a lifesaver to keep kids cool. 

2. Bedtime.

What bedtime you say, we all need a break the rules it is a holiday, and definitely bet that bedtime routine after a week off for summer has gone truely out of the window ;).

3. Extra time.

At the beginning of the holiday, it is so lovely having the kids off and spending extra time with them. Then at the end of the week, I need a break up the kids from all the stopping about or the bickering between them. Let's also not forget about the hell of boredom kicking in and constantly asking what can I do? Then you give them suggestions and there like NO!!! I give up! According to The Sun kids after days into the 6 week holiday are already complaining of boredom!

4. Shopping.

You need to add a couple more hours to do your shopping trip. Not only for your children but also all the other children clogging up the Isles ;). Not to mention like Manchester Evening News when highlighting the stages of shopping with kids the endless times have to hunt down the toilets for little bladders. 

5. Money. 

You are guaranteed to spend more money on shite that you don't need and to add more clutter to your home. We Buy Books has a fab post on how to save money during the 6 week summer holiday. 

6. Getting anywhere. 

Every day is becoming a bigger mission to walk around your home because of all the toys everywhere.

7. Free places. 

You have explored every free art gallery in your area. The beauty of these places is that it's free and your skint from buying all the state that you don't need. Not to mention that indoors which is always won especially with the unpredictable weather of the UK!

8. Cinema.

 You have been to the cinema at least once as it's pouring again and you need to get away from one set of walls to go and be in another. What is better than being in a busy room full of kiddies on a sugar rush, Whoop!

9. Youtube. 

Yet again your days are filled with Gamers playing videos on youtube and your there wo0ndering why you bothered to get toys when they prefer to watch others play.

10. Programmes. 

 You go cold turkey with adult shows because you can't hear them with the sound of your little cherries arguing over a £1 water bucket.

Happy days and hope you had fun this half term. Is there anything I have missed or any signs you know when it is the summer holidays? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X


  1. I always enjoy your lists! You are spot on with this one too :) #MMBC

  2. Hope you have a sane and happy time with the kids - fun post today! #MMBC

  3. Love this list. Bedtime definitely goes out of the window and we've had a lot of kids programmes on lately too! Love a free day out though. #MMBC