Monday, 21 September 2020

Reasons why I love autumn.

Hey readers,

We have reached September where the evenings are getting darker and that little bit cooler as we are fast approaching Autumn (22 September).

 So I am going to celebrate why I love Autumn and why it trumps over other seasons.

Pile of knitted winter clothes on wooden background, sweaters, knitwear

1) Woolie jumpers to get cosy and snug.

Hot Chocolate

2) Hot chocolate to warm off that coldness.

Senior couple throwing leaves in the air

3) crunchy leaves to jump and walk-in is the best.

Family Walking Dog Through Winter Woodland

4) The air feels fresher and crisper.

Woman and foggy forest.

5) Walking in the park is much more pleasurable watching the different colours changing.

Ground cinnamon

6) The smell of cinnamon makes my nose twitch with joy.

Feet warming at a fireplace with coffee

7) Hot drinks and putting your hands around the cup is so comforting.

Cosy and soft winter background,candles on a blanket

8) candles and wanting to stay in with blankets and books is a real joy.

The misty road (2)

9) I really like it when there is dense fog and I can't see anything. It feels closed in and secures.

Feet in comfortable and warm woolen socks

10) Fluffy socks keeping your toes lovely and toasty!

Happy Autumn,

Cheers for reading X


  1. So many lovely things to look forward to on this list! It never quite gets cold enough for the woolly jumpers here unfortunately. #MMBC

  2. Autumn is my favourite season and was my late mum's too. I love the colours and hot buttered toast after walks in the forest crunching leaves. My dad died as Autumn arrived poignantly. #AnythingGoes

  3. I love the autumn because it doesn't let me down weather wise #anythinggoes@_karendennis

  4. I think Autumn is my favourite season too. It's just right. Not too hot or cold and hot chocolate, candles and cosy blankets make me happy x

  5. Revisiting from #AnythingGoes - love cinnamon especially in apple crumble!

  6. fabulous reasons for loving autumn - I agree with all - it's a great time of year! #MMBC

  7. we were just talking about this yesterday on my back porch. My GF is a big fan of fluffy socks too #anythinggoes

  8. I agree with your every point, this is exactly what I love autumn for!

  9. I love Autumn too for all of these reasons, except I never liked fog when driving, only when walking.

  10. Happy Autumn! I love all these things too. And.... I always get really excited when the time finally comes for putting boots on! I just love them! Thank you for sharing such a lovely list over on the #DreamTeamLinky. This really made me smile :-)

  11. Yes to all of this! I love autumn too. That cosy feeling makes me so happy. :) xx