Wednesday, 23 September 2020

9 mummy secrets

 Hey readers,

Now I will state firstly say I love my Bambinos to the earth and back. But it is OK to be selfish and have some things for yourself. That I have learnt through motherhood that you need some things that you can claim as your own or you will slowly lose a part of you.

1. Pen and pad.

My funky pad and pen are mine and not for little pinkies. I need my lists and order to keep me sane. They are the little luxury that belongs to me. 

Though my kids do try to get my pad and pen it ain't happening on my watch. They are secretly placed so that they are not at risk of being scribbled on and destroyed. H

ave no fear though that my sons do have all different types of pens, crayons, colouring pencils, paper etc. So, therefore they are not losing out and mummy feels happy having something special that's ALL MINE.

2. Toilet.

Going to the toilet is my time out and some peace - so much so that I have a lock on my door and I will not open it until I have done my wee without the tornado of destruction entering my tertiary.

3. Chocolate.

Secretly having a full bar of chocolate to myself without sharing it. OK, so I am secretly hiding around the corner trying to be the quiet son they can listen to rich American kids play Roblox on Youtube, *AHEM*!

4. Kids cartoons.

That secretly I hate the majority of children's programmes (though I secretly love Nanny Plum and her sarcasm). 

I shall name one in particular that gets right on my nerves and that be TOPSY AND TIM. (More Tim mind as he such a miserable so and so and always carries that look of being slapped with a wet fish). Not to mention when are they ever going to actually move into that new home which looks identical to the one that they live in now. Yep, I know motherhood really comes with random thoughts such as above. 

5.  Window.

My decision who gets to sit near the window - END.OF.CONVERSATION.

6. Messy play.

I hate messy play and only do it for the selfless reasons as I know you boys love it so much but it does make my skin crawl. 

7. Space.

I may intentionally accidentally have thrown out a few of your drawings that are so alike it seems wasted to keep them all. I still need to save space for all your other work/reports/cards/memorabilia to store

8. Notes.

When I want to tell daddy something that I don't want your kiddies to know I may spell out the word or scribble a secret note to my beloved that I would like a beer and chocolate tonight.

9. Countdown.

When both mummy and daddy count to five we have no idea exactly what will happen after. So far we have only gone to 4!
    You know it makes sense to keep somethings a secret to make family life run smoothly.

    Do you have secrets that you have that you don't tell your children? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

    Cheers for reading X


    Monday, 21 September 2020

    Reasons why I love autumn.

    Hey readers,

    We have reached September where the evenings are getting darker and that little bit cooler as we are fast approaching Autumn (22 September).

     So I am going to celebrate why I love Autumn and why it trumps over other seasons.

    Pile of knitted winter clothes on wooden background, sweaters, knitwear

    1) Woolie jumpers to get cosy and snug.

    Hot Chocolate

    2) Hot chocolate to warm off that coldness.

    Senior couple throwing leaves in the air

    3) crunchy leaves to jump and walk-in is the best.

    Family Walking Dog Through Winter Woodland

    4) The air feels fresher and crisper.

    Woman and foggy forest.

    5) Walking in the park is much more pleasurable watching the different colours changing.

    Ground cinnamon

    6) The smell of cinnamon makes my nose twitch with joy.

    Feet warming at a fireplace with coffee

    7) Hot drinks and putting your hands around the cup is so comforting.

    Cosy and soft winter background,candles on a blanket

    8) candles and wanting to stay in with blankets and books is a real joy.

    The misty road (2)

    9) I really like it when there is dense fog and I can't see anything. It feels closed in and secures.

    Feet in comfortable and warm woolen socks

    10) Fluffy socks keeping your toes lovely and toasty!

    Happy Autumn,

    Cheers for reading X

    Sunday, 20 September 2020

    My Sunday Photo 20/09/2020


    Friday, 18 September 2020

    How to improve your mobile battery.

    Hey readers,

    Do you suck the energy dry form your phone? Let me give you some tips to help extend the amount of battery phone.

    Firstly, turning down the brightness can help reduce the amount of battery.

    When using wallpaper as a background for your mobile chose a darker theme as less light is used and can help reduce your battery usage.

    Turning off vibrate can increase talk time for an extra 10 minutes, If you go into the settings of your phone it is very simple to switch over.

    Turn off additional settings such a GPS, location and anything else that might not be used.

    One of the easiest ways to help reduce battery time is to turn down the brightness as this contribute to your battery life. 

    This is one of the most popular and effective ways used by people.

    Looking through the apps on your phone and work out which ones are using up more battery than others, then turn off the irrelevant ones.

    Now again go through a clear out of apps on your phone that you do not use anymore, this will help with reducing battery.

    If you are not worried about constantly getting notifications with emails and any other notification form apps. 

    Then my suggestion is to turn off them notifications will be a big help in increasing your battery life.

    I have found that being on Android that using apps constantly comes with updates that never seem to stop. 

    Well, a way to deal with this is the turn off your notifications. Therefore saves a lot of battery and if you need to update an app it is easy to do manual through the app store.

    All these tips may seem little improvements but when achieving all these actions then they soon add up to longer battery life, making you get more out of your mobile during the day.

    Cheers for reading X

    Wednesday, 16 September 2020

    It's OK to bottle feed

    Hey readers,

    One of the main areas of things that you think about when you have a child is feeding them. I originally tried brest feeding and failed within five days as I was in pain, could not co-ordinate and triggered postnatal depression.

    As a mother you want to do your best for your child. The one thing for me as a mother in the begining was trying to br this ideal perfect mother. I had to be able to breastfeed my baby or else I was doomed to failure.

     I felt this kind of message was reinforced everywhere I looked. There were posters on the hospital walls about the whole breast is best and the feeling that I had to do it succeed. 

    No one teaches you about formula and that you as an individual can make the choice. I went to pre baby classes and the breast brigade forced this ideas of the importance of breast in a very dominated and unhelpful way.

     The effect of this was damaging and it triggered deep depression and self hatred way I was not successful with breast feeding.

    I felt very depressed and felt like I was not what you would call a 'real women'. I could not co-ordinate no matter how many 'professionals' came and shoverd my arms here and there. 

    I could not line up things the right way. I tried every position possible and the only way I would be successful is if someone did it for me.

    I felt anger that no one talks to you about the emotional impact of the guilt. I hated myself and the world. Not to mention the emotional impact on the bond I had with my boy. 

    I cut off feelings and attachment towards my son because I could not provide then there was no point connecting as I was damaged. I would just further complicate the situation. 

    I felt I screwed up his development and he was going be retarded and not develop in the correct way.

    I was a mess and lack of sleep combined nearly threw me over the edge. Thankfully after seeing my health visitor who said to me give him formula it doesn't matter as its 90% athe same closeness with the nutrient elements. 

    She said.she formula feed all her children and they are grown u and fine. I can not tell you how relieved and reassured it made me feel. It also gave me confidence and helped build a proper bond with my child.

    Now reflecting back I am glad I chose formula because for me it was the right decision. I accept that breast is obviously the natural way. But it is not the only option. We are lucky to have a place where we can provide health and alternatives that are just as good as breast milk.

    Everyone is different, we all have our journey and battles to face. Some of us are successful and take breast feeding straight away. But that does not mean your failure if you don't. What the most important thing to remember is you do what is right for you and your child.

    Thank you for reading X

    A letter to guilt.

    Hey guilt,

    We don't need introductions we already know each other fairly well, as you are always there permanent 24/7 hiding in the background waiting to pounce.

    I am just writing this letter to let you know that I seriously mother f****** hate you. you know this, you know when am weak and you can manipulate me. You think I will listen but I will put up a fight. 

    There are days when there are constant internal squabbles between me and you. It is tiring and no one comes out.winning in this war. But I still put up a fight most days, while you hoover in the background.

    I try to be a good mother,  I really do. I don't get it always right but please stop with the pestering, knocking at my door every corner of the way through motherhood. 

    No one provides a manual with this parenting malarkey so how am I supposed to know. Sometimes I am so scared that I don't know what to do. 

    All you can do is hope for the best. I am constantly learning through trial and error. Sometimes I win, other times I fail dramatically so.

    I know you love the control over my weak mind, especially when I'm not certain but I'm sick of this battle between you and me. I have had enough of this constant battering me down with your mental torture.

    You take advantage of all the information available, whether that be online, TV or whatever to make a stronger argument and bring me down. I am sick of this punishment! 

    You dampen my mood and make me feel miserable. I shouldn't have to feel like this. I have a right to be happy just like anyone else.

    Ok, I lose my shit from time to time and shout mum makes an appearance. I let the kids watch TV, sometimes I look at my phone a little bit too much but give me a goddamn break it is hard work.

    I know people are going to criticise me for making the comment but parenting is a full-time job but no-one recognises what you do. Apart from your guilt, you are there waiting at every opportunity to put me down and make me feel like I'm the worst parent in the whole entire world.

    Sometimes you mess with my brain so much that I lie awake in the early hours of the morning reflecting and where it all went wrong.

    Right now I don't care anymore and no I'm not 100% perfect but I'll give it a good try. We all have to learn from my mistakes or how else do I grow as a parent.

    I work my ass off, I try to do all the things that you should do as a parent I feed them a clear of them I love them but now and again I make mistakes I am only human after all.
    so on a final note to your guilt, I want to say f*** you.


    A tired mother dealing with this guilt trip!


    Monday, 14 September 2020

    Messy play, ugh!

    Hey readers,

    SO the other day I thought I know what would be fun and creative on Sunday morning, pre-9am getting the paints out to some messy play. I know what you are thinking already.

    I am absolutely insane because it appears that I have some sort of long term memory with forgetting all about the crappy attempts last time and all the stress it caused.

    But as per usual 'mummy expectations' put on me through reading too many ideologies through social media, this sodding technological world we live in. 

    I respect the fact that no one ever put a gun against my head, it is just having low self-confidence in anything and parenting I worry about everything. 

    I do I am not going lie, I don't need pity it just a fact of life.

    But just remind me any time I think it is a good idea to go solo with a three year with paints, just step away. 

    Seriously, I appreciate art but I don't really rate a Pollock style rug, nor walls, nor table, nor sofa, nor bath, basically any fucking where the child decides to put the paint.

    I am nervous wreck anyway because I am lucky enough to have a disposition to anxiety type A  personality shall we say.

    Why, is it so important to paint, it consists of the child painting a grand total of five minutes whilst muggings here spends a good old forty minutes to clean up. 

    I spend more time doing the work then the actual child, surely that is not right.
    I will be honest I am not very good with the mess, and disorder with no logic to it. 

    I REALLY, REALLY should leave this type of activity to the professional's AKA school. He has a good three hours, five times a week to lose his shit with the paint then all I need to do is bath him in the brown mess every single day and constantly add to the pile of washing.  

    I am down with that, they can guide him to be an outstanding artist, teachers are trained and expert in this field, hence why they have so many teacher training days to deal with such skills.

    So, the moral of the story is don't ever let your child loose with paint until they are at an age where they can clean up after themselves. I shall just embrace painting app on the table and leave the important stuff to the professionals!

    What do you think about messy play? Is a dream or is it hell for you? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

    Cheers for reading X

    Sunday, 13 September 2020

    My Sunday photo 13/09/2020

    Stuck in Roblox world 😂! 

    Friday, 11 September 2020

    Ways to improve your mental health.

    Hey readers,

    I suffer from anxiety/depression and sometimes it is hard to get on with life when you are sucked into the vicious cycle of self-hatred. 

    Sometimes doing the smallest of things to make life nicer for yourself can make a huge difference. Here are some ways that I will discuss in this post that has helped me.

    First one is being kind to yourself, easier said than done but sometimes we can be our own worst critic. We beat ourselves up and if anyone in the same situation came to us I bet we wouldn't speak to them the way we speak to ourselves.

     Be kinder and accept that some things are out of control. We are doing the best or doing what we can in that situation.

    I have noticed that life particularly as a parent can feel like a wheel that constantly goes around and around, doing the same thing in and out each day without any change. 

    Sometimes, change is good and what better way to do it then breaking the monotony up of your day. It could be something simple like going for a walk to a coffee shop, can make a huge difference to your day because it is a change of scenery.

    Another way to make you feel better about yourself is by doing some volunteer, as you get the sense that you are valued for your time and services. 

    Not to mention the feeling that you as a person are giving something valuable like your time for the better goodwill bring a feel-good factor. It could potentially help build your self-confidence in making you more worthwhile doing something positive and taking action.

    A really productive way to help with your mental health is when you can ask for help and don't feel ashamed as no man is an island. I have always found this one different myself as I have been brought to not ask for help but now and again I do ask and you no what it makes a massive difference. 

    You also shouldn't feel ashamed but proud of doing something that can make your situation better. Your not weak because of asking but strong for recognising that you need help, no one can do it all by themselves.

    Sometimes, we can get caught up in our thoughts and just sit there ruminating on them causing us to be in a worse mood. I find that taking time out for yourself and doing something that you enjoy is really beneficial. 

    It doesn't have to be something grand it could be just going for a walk, taking photos or even colouring but it has the benefits of helping you relax and distract yourself away from the negative thoughts.

    This is so cliche but I am going to throw it in as I read a lot recently that blogging is really positive for your mental wellbeing.

     Firstly, you have a platform to write your feelings which can bring real cathartic. 

    Secondly, your helping others who may be similar situations feel less alone and you never you may make friends.

    Cheers for reading X

    Thursday, 10 September 2020

    What does depression look like.

    Hey readers,

    Below is a picture of myself taken today.
    You could say I just look a normal everyday person minus her eyes being shut. You don't think oh my God she looks like she has depression because you know what I do.

    People always assume that if you are smiley or cheery then somehow you can not possibly experience depression.

     Well, news flash you can and furthermore, it can strike at any age, background or social mobility status because depression doesn't pick who it wants to cause this nightmare mess inside your brain.

    Anyone can experience it, at any time in their life. It can last weeks or years and definitely something that you can not physically measure, much to the disapproval of the government.

    My point being is that some days I laugh, I cry, I hate and dread and all the other messy emotions that life has to bring. But also I have this mental battle, some days are OK and I manage. 

    Other periods are short spells and then if there is too much stress in my life then can be several months where the black dog doesn't sod off. 

    He creeps around like a stalker catching me every time I am venerable or exposed to stresses in life. It sucks and there is nothing I can do but plot on. 

    For me, it is a chemical imbalance mixed with stress and managing with my autism. It sucks and yes I smile but please be aware that I can mask like the rest of them.

    We need to stop presuming that depression only affects certain people and that it is more grey than black with how it is presenting to the outside world. 

    So just be mindful that there may be someone smiling but deep down they are internally dying and hating everything that their life is.

    what is your experience of depression? Does this resonate with you? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

    Cheers for reading X

    Wednesday, 9 September 2020

    Preventing burnout

    Hey readers,

    It is the end of the week, yet again I am pooped, my body is aching and I feel like I can do the bare minimum. I can only come to the conclusion that I am suffering from burnout. 

    As an autistic person, I don't have as much energy as a neurotypical person because It takes a lot more energy to deal with the difficulties that I to face throughout the day. 

    So, I am have been searching recently on ways to try and help ease the burnout and thought maybe others would like to hear on what has worked for me.

    Make sure that during the day I have time out, where I don't have to think but just be. This is not a time where I learn anything or have to remember certain cues, it's a time to allow my brain to switch off and relax.

    Being kind to myself - so easy to say but putting it into to practice is hard, especially if you are a perfectionist and give yourself a hard time. Looking at the small positive things that you have done during the day is a reminder that you’re doing ok.

    Accepting that I cannot be superhuman and my energy is limited. The major thing that I struggle to do is ask for help or accept that it is ok for another person to do something, it does not mean you are a failure.

    Being realistic with what you can achieve and focusing on sectioning out the important stuff and not so important. Learning the art of negotiating and leaving somethings for another time helps me make the day not so overwhelming.

    Having a list and writing them in order of importance, plus giving those time frames helps me feel less overwhelmed and feel more comfortable about how my day is going to pan out.

    What ways help you in dealing with burnout? Love to hear what you think in the comment section down below.

    Cheers for reading X


    Monday, 7 September 2020

    10 things I can not live without

    Hey readers,

    Today I am going about the things that I can not live without and help me keep my sh*t together.

    1. Paracetamol.

    Firstly, paracetamol because I suffer from frequent headaches (thanks mum) and they can be really crippling which is most inconvenient especially looking after children.

    2. Heated blanket.

    A heated blanket is the best invention ever, especially during the colder periods. Honestly, there is nothing better than getting into a  warm, cosy and snug bed.

    3. Music.

    Music can make you feel less alone. I mean I don't get lonely in the traditional sense but to feel words and know someone else is also out in the world and feels the way you do can make you feel less isolated. Alternatively, I just love a good beat to wiggle around in the kitchen cooking tea.

    4. My blog.
    My blog as it has saved me when I went through a depressing period and heartache. It saved my sanity and it really helped me to focus and forget about the other noise in my head.

    5. Youtube.
    YouTube I love you so much, albeit not as much nowadays (sodding adverts) but sill amazing the stuff you can find and a great way to cure boredom.

    6. Lip balm.
    Lip balm - particularly during the colder months, my lips get so dry and peel. I find Boots one really good as it also has tinted moisture to it.

    7. Tea.

    Tea makes my heart go boom, boom, boom. I can literally drink buckets of the stuff and it makes any problem manage with a cup of Rosie Lee in my hand.

    8. Books.
    Books are my saviour and help me escape. Nothing beats a good thriller to lose yourself in.

    9. Pad and book. 
    Pad and pen because I have so many ideas swirling in my head that I get so overwhelmed. Therefore,  writing down the ideas on paper helps me think clearer and identify with where I need to go and what I am doing.

    10. Phone. 
    Phone - I know third world problems but it is a lifesaver and such a useful tool. You can play music, send emails even write blog posts when you bored at the bus stop in the cold. I heart technology and no I am not ashamed about it but celebrate it :)

    What items can not live without in your life? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment below. 

    Cheers for reading X
    3 Little Buttons

    Sunday, 6 September 2020

    My Sunday Photo 06/09/2020

    Friday, 4 September 2020

    Reasons why I love Aldi

    Hey readers,

    Let me tell you something about me  - I love to shop in Aldi. This post is all about my appreciation for the shop. See below my reasons why.

    You can't beat browsing the special buy isle, you never know what you are going find. It is pretty random and it changes frequently so you can be excited about what will be on offer. You go into Aldi with the aim of getting one thing and then come out with the random selection of items.

    I am not a middle-class blogger, I am on a budget and Aldi prices are reasonable. You can actually get fresh fruit and vegetable without fear and can cost less than a tenner.

    They have some pretty cool recipes to try out, always handy if you are a rushed parent and need some inspiration.

    They have some unusual items such as gin popsicles and deer burger. I Love the fact that Aldi is experimental in the choices of products in their shop.

    Aldi supports the Red Tractor label whereby the meet is 100% British therefore supporting local communities.

    There isn't a massive selection of choice compared to other supermarkets. However, this does mean that it is less stressful because I am not overwhelmed with choice. 

    It is a fairly relaxed shopping experience, apart from the end with packing shopping away. (But then again I tend not to go with my children because of this and I like leisurely pace around the store).

    You be sure that every single Aldi has the same layout, therefore you know where everything is, meaning less stress shopping if you need to check into different Aldi's. 

    There is nothing more frustrating when supermarkets decide to change where they put stuff, nobody got no time for that!

    I love the fact that Aldi every fortnight have a thing called super 6 special buys, consisting of fruit and vegetables at a lower price. 

    This is a great way to encourage people to buy healthier options.

    Aldi now at their tills have healthy items such as fruit, rice cakes and water to not lead you into temptation.

    If you shop at Aldi what kind of things do you like about the store? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

    Cheers for reading X

    Wednesday, 2 September 2020

    why playgrounds are ace.

    Hey readers,

    If you are a parent you would have experienced taking your child to the playground. I think they are a brilliant resource for everyone to use and here is why.

    They get you out of the house and get you away from the four walls or watching too much tv.

    Playgrounds are a great way of getting a change of scenery and be surrounded by green. 

    Sometimes, just getting away from the same places is a blessing in disguise.

    If there is one thing I love more than anything in the world as a parent it is finding fun things to do with my child that are free because let's face it children come with a bloody big price tag, especially when they hit a school.

     So, if I can save some money somewhere then going to the playground is one. Plus it helps with keeping children entertained and stop complaining for a while that they are bored.

    Playgrounds are great for exercise, playing chase, walking or even pushing a child on the swing all contributes to keeping you active.

    Going to the playground allows you to blow some cobwebs off and get some much needed fresh air. It also provides a mental boost and helps clear your head. 

    It really is amazing such a small and simple activity can have a huge impact on making you feel less crap and giving you the change to think more clearly.

    Visiting a playground outdoors gives the child the opportunity to get vitamin D from being out in the fresh air and help build strength in their bones.

    Playgrounds encourage free play, where the child decides what they want to do, they can even make up their own games or use their imagination on the playground apparatus. 

    This next point coincides with the above one in the fact that a  child can test out their communicational skills with socialising with other children at the playground. 

    Therefore the possibility of working together to establish what they want to do. There is also the positive effect of finding a person to share the enjoyment of play with someone who has similar interests in what they like to do in the playground.

    Therefore I conclude that playgrounds are ACE!

    What do you think about playgrounds? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

    Cheers for reading X

    Monday, 31 August 2020

    Top 10 things to do when you are bored at home

    Hey readers,

    Sometimes you are at home and get a bit bored. So, if you need some inspiration check out my list of boredom busters to do around the home that will help entertain you.

    1. Book. 

    Reading a book is a brilliant way to get lost in a story and get kill that boredom.

    2. Bath.

     Have a bath can take that half an hour off and you feel suitable refreshed.

    3. Colouring in. 

     Do some colouring, in a colour in the book. It can really help you to concentrate on the task and use your creative skills.

    4. Youtube. 

    Binge watch some YouTube video - as we all know there is a whole host of choice on a wide selection of topics to enjoy on the old YouTube. 

    Though be warned can be a bit of a vortex and you may end up watching too many videos of kittens are robotic hoovers.

    5. Bake.

     Bake something and get rewarded after. It can be something really simple such as making cornflake cakes but you will feel you have achieved something with your time. Or alternatively, try a new recipe and enhance your skills at cooking.

    6. De-clutter.

     Sort out some clutter out in your home that needs taking care off and the good thing is you feel really productive after. 

    We all have some bits to sort out and organise in our home and what better way to use your time than in a constructive way. There is no lovelier feeling than to get something in order.

    7. Blogging.

     Of course, I could not miss out on the old blog and writing up a blog post is a great way to use your time. You can write as much or little as you want. You could alternatively read other blogs to get inspiration from them.

    8. Paint your nails.

    There is something very therapeutic about painting your nails and taking your time to do a good job can make you feel so much better when making simple changes to your appearance.

    9. Jigsaw puzzle.

     I will be honest, I am a bit old school and when I have time I love nothing better than completing a jigsaw puzzle. A positive thing about doing jigsaw puzzles is that it enhances your problem-solving skills by trying to solve where the pieces go.

    10. Exercise.

     If all else fails and you stuck for ideas then do some exercise. You don't even have to pay for silly DVDs that cost an arm or a leg, you can find free material from  YouTube or Pinterest for instance!

    Hope this inspired you to kill some of that boredom. Is there anything that isn't suggested in this post that you think is a good idea to kill boredom when you are at home? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

    Cheers for reading X

    Sunday, 30 August 2020

    My Sunday photo 30/08/2020

    Friday, 28 August 2020

    A- Z of school life

    Hey readers,

    A new academic year is starting for all (fingers crossed that doesn't change) so in celebration of the new school year here is a post all about school life, enjoy :)

     A- assembly is great fun getting cold bottoms on the floor.

    B - the building is essential to keep education in one place.

    C - communication is the backbone of any learning. 

    D - the school is a place where dreams can happen.

    E - Enrollment is the key to getting into a good school. 

    F - friends will be made and maybe who knows could years later. 

    G - governers we need leaders to move things forward.

    H - homework - sucks but needs to be done.

    I - injury because there is definitely bound to happen at some point. Whether it be a graze a headbang you bet it an injury will occur one day at school if not many more.

    J - you will always find one joker in the class.

    K - there will be definitely one time when the parent has to run back to school to return forgotten pe kit.

    L - lunchtime where your free to run around and play.

    M - meals help you fuel to keep on going till the end of the day. 

    N - a school is a place where you can be nourished and grow.

    O - school opens up new avenues of opportunity.

    P - parents evening is where we get to find the real answer of you are doing at school.

    Q -  Sometimes there is a queue and you need to learn to wait.

    R - Rooms everywhere so keep your eyes open.

    S - star of the week makes an appearance every week but who gets it is anyone's guess.

    T - teachers are vital to keeping a school successful.

    U - uniform helps to keep things in order.

    V - volume on high with 30 kids in a classroom that is one big obstacle to manage.

    W - work everywhere does it ever stop?

    X - if in dealt play the xylophone in the music class.

    Y - when Friday hits yawns are dominant.

    Z - a school is comparable to a zoo

    Cheers for reading X

    Wednesday, 26 August 2020

    15 Things you can do with kids in the woods.

    Hey readers,

    An alternative place to take children to other than the park is to a local woods. It is a great natural place to walk around and explore. I have compiled 18 things you can do to make it fun with your children.

    1. Walk.

    Naturally, of course, the first thing on anyone's list when going to the woods is to go for a walk.

    2. Build a den. 

    get your kids to look for sticks and a strong tree to lean the sticks on and make it into a tend shape. it is great fun and helps build skills working together as a team.

    3. Hide and seek. 

    Can't go wrong with platin hide and seek especially where there are so many fantastic big trees to hide behind.

    4. Leave angels. 

    Make leave angels when it is autumn by simply lying down on a pile of leaves and move your legs and arms out like an angel shape.

    5. Creepy crawlies.

    Go exploring for creepie crawlies such as woodlice, snails, worms and ladybirds across trees, leaves and sticks. Kids love spotting things especially if they move, so much fun.

    6. Climbing. 

    Get active and find a tree to climb up. It is lovely to watch kids be free and confident in exploring the environment that they are in. 

    7. Foraging.

    There is plenty of items to forage ranging from flowers to mushrooms and berries. Though it is important to do your research on how to do forage safely. 
    Do check out clear guidelines from Woodland Trust that give detailed information on when things are in season and what things you can pick safely.

    8. Take photography.

    Woods is a great place to take photography and capture nature beautifully. 

    9. Make art.

    Collect items that you see when out walking in the woods. The type of items that are great to use for art is leaves, sticks, acorns, flowers and go home and make some art on paper. 

    10. Scavenger hunt.

    You can either make your own and come up with certain items that are based on the woods such as trees, worms, bridge etc and place a picture or the word with a clear box to tick when the item is spotted. However, if you want an easy life there is plenty of scavenger hunts for visiting the woods online for free that you can print off. 

    Kids love looking for things and running it is a simple but effective activity to do with a child. You can make it is as complex or as simple as you want. 

    11. Pooh sticks.

    Like in the books of Winnie the Pooh you can play pooh sticks in the woods. All you need is a stick a bridge and stream. Through the sticks on the side and watch from the other side of the bridge on which stick comes through the first and that then is the winner. 

    12. Muddy Puddles. 

    Make sure you wear suitable footwear but a great activity for kids to do is jump in muddy puddles, they absolutely love playing in the mud and getting splashed.

    13. The stream. 

    Roll up your trousers and go into the stream - more ideal in the warmer times of the year and get to refresh your feet. 

    14. Picnic. 

    Eat alfresco with a picnic and don't forget to bring your picnic blanket. 

    15. I-spy. 

    Play a game of I-spy. If you don't know what I-spy is it is a looking game where the first person starts of with saying I-spy with my little eye something beginning with A for example and all the other people involved have to guess what they can see with their eyes with something that beginnings with A such as acorn. 

    Do you like going to the woods? What activities do you do when you go out into the woods? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

    Cheers for reading X