Monday, 31 January 2022

Things you should never, ever say to a mum!

Hey readers, 

Being a parent for over 10 years now the amount of comments you get regarding your own parenting is unbelievable. It is amazing how people are quick to judge so below are 10 things you should never, ever say to a mum from my personal experience. 

Things you should never, ever say to a mum!

 1. Breast is definitely the best... well actually it is a case of fed is best and whatever works for you. But just because I used formula does not make me a failure!

2. I had all the cooking and cleaning done before 9am in the morning.... chill out I mean especially when to have a newborn or even they are older I opt for sleepover housework cheers!

3. Cherish these moments - this phase really annoys the hell out of me because it is just more pressure and guilt to try and be a perfect parent, which we all know will never be happy. Plus I am not sure I  want to cherish every moment, sometimes I just can't wait for bedtime so I don't have to deal with them having an attitude because they are so tired. 

4. Oh it's not that bad.... come again I think that would be up to me to decide on that one. I thought we were all meant to be different so what is good for one may be totally manageable for another. But instead of downplaying how I feel why not try to listen?

5. You look tired... well no shit sherlock that is called parenting whether it be knackered from worry or just general exhaustion parenting is bloody hard work and takes a lot of energy out of you. 

6. I didn't do that with my kids.... and so what, I do what is right for me and my kids. Just because you have experienced parenting doesn't mean you are right about everything. Instead of making judgments why don't you provide me with some support instead. 

7.  Boys will be boys... It has got nothing to do with whether my kids are boys or not. Kids are kids regardless of what gender they are.

8. That kid needs a good-hiding.... erm no get out of here, that is never going to happen to my children end of!

9. That's not autism, that is lack of parenting... oh do shut up and stop being ignorant, try learning about autism then you might understand the child better.

10. Your kid has too much screen time... I don't care because they are happy and sometimes they just need some time out or I need space for my own sanity. TV is not evil and I have no worries about my children watching tv, in the end, they get bored and walk over so I turn it over anyway!

What are your thoughts on the unnecessary comments told to mums? Have I missed any of the lists that should never be spoken out loud to another mum? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

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  1. My children are older now but I remember some of these annoying comments so well!

  2. I absolutely agree with all of them except 'cherish these moments.' When my children were babies I always kept this in mind and cherished every moment whether it was good or bad because it all passes so quickly.

  3. Yes to all of these!!!
    If I did all the cooking and cleaning before 9am I would be bored for the rest of the day. lol

  4. I am not a parent but to be honest the comments about your child needing a good-hiding and about it not being autism but lack of parenting are not just hurtful to the parent but to the child too. As someone who is autistic *and* endured poor parenting to the point of it causing trauma-related symptoms, I actually know the difference and it could've been so much easier had the school tried to actually be gentle with my parents rather than fighting them tooth and nail.. After all, my parents weren't so abusive that the school had grounds to call social services on them so the fights caused more trauma than just the lack of parenting did.

  5. Some people are unbelievable aren't they?! I can't believe the ignorance of some people when it comes to autism. I remember being told that my youngest would grow out of it, haha totally clueless. xx