Friday, 14 January 2022

50 things to throw out today!

 Hey readers,

January means a time to do some cleaning so what better way to feel fresh and new than to sort out some clutter that you no longer need. Below I have 50 things that you can declutter and throw out straight away. This will help immensely with having more space and less rubbish. 

50 things to throw out today!

50 things to declutter and throw out now. 

1. Puzzles with missing pieces. 

2. Old nail polish that is all dried up. 

3. Earring without a match. 

4. Old socks.

5. Broken toys. 

6. Old glasses (you can donate them at your local options). 

7. Take out menus.

8. Worn out shoes.

9. Old make-up.

10. Old newspapers and magazines. 

11. Empty bottles.

12. Old perfume. 

13. Old razors.

14. Clothes that don't fit. 

15. Old underwear.

16. Broken hangers. 

17. Old shopping bags. 

18. Rubbish from your handbags. 

19. Old spices.

20. Junk mail. 

21. Old cords.

22. Expired coupons.

23. Old calenders.

24. Old receipts. 

25. Cardboard boxes. 

26. Open bottles.

27. Old condiment sachets.
28. DVDs. 

29. Old medicines. 

30. Old towels. 

31. Lidless containers. 

32. Extra cleaning rags.

33. Old phone covers or screen protectors. 

34. Old paint. 

35. Plastic cutlery.

36. Jewelry you don't wear.

37. Expired food. 

38. Stretched out hair ties.

39. Little shampoos that you got from a hotel 5 years ago. 

40. Kids' old art projects. 

41. Kids' clothes that are too small. 

42. Travel mugs that leak. 

43. Expired sunscreen.
44. Plug-in air freshers without a refill. 

45. Old batteries (can take them to the supermarket as they ask for them).

46. Goody bag toys from an old birthday celebration. 

47. Hair products you don't use.

48. Phonebooks. 

49. Borken Christmas lights. 

50. Catalogs.

Have I missed anything on the list of items to declutter today? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X

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  1. OMG I could probably pick at least half of those, brilliant! If I only pick half a dozen things off the list it will feel so freeing. Small shampoo bottles from hotels - yes I keep those as I will use them when away for the weekend - NOT. I also add to the list the lovely little bags (at least 6) from the aeroplane with toothbrush etc. because I really need another makeup bag - NOT.
    Love it thank you

  2. I need to take notice of this and have a declutter. Going through the kids clothes has been on my to do list for ages x

  3. We're awful for hoarding old make-up and nail varnishes (I think its the fact that we haven't been out properly for the past 2 years!) #MischiefAndMemories

  4. I've started a clear out - but have still to tackle the spice jars! It's going to be brutal! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

  5. Oh my I was going down the list wincing :) I know I have so many of those things in the depths of the cupboards here #mischiefandmemories

  6. We seriously need to follow this list! Our house needs a declutter as we are all nightmare hoarders! Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories

  7. Yes to all the things on your list! This is great, and I'm feeling quite motivated to shift some clutter now. Where should I start?! LOL Thank you for joining us for #MischiefandMemories