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Salted caramel truffles recipe.

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Truffles are fairly straightforward to make so why not have a go with my recipe below and enjoy :)

Salted caramel truffles recipe.


* 70g of milk chocolate buttons. 

20g of salted butter caramel pieces. 

8g of chocolate powder. 

40ml of double cream.

How to make the chocolate truffles. 

1. Put the chocolate buttons into a bowl. 

2. Measure the cream into a jug and boil it in the microwave (this will take approximately 40 seconds). Alternatively, you can boil the cream in a pan on the hob. 

3. Pour the cream over the chocolate and allow it to stand for 3 minutes. 

4. Using the spatula, combine the chocolate and cream until you reach a smooth texture. Then add the caramel pieces and combine these fully into the ganache. 

5. Put it into the fridge to set for approximately 2 hours. You'll know when it's set when the ganache is firm enough to roll into a ball into your hands. 

Rolling the truffles.

The ganache will typically make 11 truffles using a teaspoon. Make sure you have clean, dry hands before rolling the truffles. 

6. Put the chocolate powder on a plate ready to roll the truffles. 

7. Take a teaspoon of the ganache and in the palm of your hands, roll it into a ball. 

8. Roll the truffle in the chocolate powder coasting fully and plate it on the plate. Repeat for the remaining ganache. 

Once made. 

Keep them in an airtight container in the fridge and consume them within 3 days. Enjoy at room temperature.

Salted caramel truffles recipe.

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