Monday, 17 January 2022

McDonald's I love thee!

Hey readers,

I love McDonald's restaurants as they are the one place I can take my boys without too much stress. My boys really enjoy going to Mcdonald's too, not to mention that is reasonably priced meaning I won't break the bank. That is just one of the reasons why I loved McDonald's. Want to know more? then keep on reading down below. 

McDonald's I love thee!

1. Child-friendly. 

Where do I start with the reasons to love Mcdonald's well I guess the first point would be that it is child-friendly and I can relax as a parent. I don't have to worry about being judged as it is laid back and people have children that make noise so it is much more relaxed to go than other places where you get judged if your child dares breathe a word. Inturn if I am relaxed it gets mirrored in my children's behaviour. 

2. Meal boxes. 

With the children's happy meal you can tear around the bottom and it instantly becomes a plate which is fun. Kids love the magic of the box transforming into a plate and as a parent, I like the fac that keeps food clean in one place. 

3. Tablets. 

 McDonald's at some of the tablets (electronically) to keep kids entertained whilst you chill out without losing your shit waiting! It is great it has child-friendly games and they get to learn as well, win-win!

4. Toy. 

With the children's happy meal you get a free toy which the kids love. You can bed that toys are still played at home months later.  

5. Grownup. 

 My sons feel like they are grown up sitting on the stools at the table. They are located near the window which is perfect for people and bus watching.

6. Chillout. 

If I am shopping with the boys in town and feel a bit overwhelmed going to Mcdonalds is a good place to go as I can relax there, it is reasonably priced and my kids really enjoy going too. 

Therefore I can have time to calm down from the mayhem of shopping with kids and have a drink in peace. That my friend is living the parenting dream!

7. Reasonably priced. 

With Mcdonald's, it is reasonably priced, a great way to entertain kids and this is a particularly good place to go during the half-term holidays compared to other activities which can cost an arm and a leg.

8. The app.

The Mcdonald's app is awesome because you can sit at the time, take your time and look through the menu (whilst your child takes ages to decide what they want). Easy to navigate and the best bit is that you can request someone to bring over your order so you can get relax and not have to wait in big queues with kids messing around.

Therefore, McDonald's....... I heart you.

What are your thoughts on Mcdonald's? Are you a fan or not? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X


  1. I miss McDonalds. We don't go often as the nearest one is an hour away on the bus. It is a great place to take kids x

  2. We have spent a lot of happy times in Mc Donalds. The kids are little older now so we miss the Happy Meals.

  3. We love McDonald's too! The kids would go there all of the time if they had their way! :) x