Friday, 9 April 2021

things to do when you are having a bad day

 Hey readers,

We all have bad days and it can be tough to know what to do when we are faced with these types of days. So down below is a list of ideas you can do when you are having a bad day. 

things to do when you are having a bad day

1. Read a book. 

2. Take a Buzzfeed quiz.

3. Paint your nails.

4. Colour in a colouring-in book.

5. Do a face mask.

6. Scream.

7. Look at old videos saved on your phone.

8. Blow bubbles.

9. Watch a sunset.

10. Lay down. 

11.Play with animals.

12. Go outside.

13. Call up family members.

14. Practice deep breathing.

15. Read some motivational quotes.

16. Write down things you admire about yourself.

17. Go on a Pinterest bender.

18. Find a new recipe to try.

19. Take a hot shower. 

20. Learn how to make your favourite cocktail. 

21. Listen to music.

22. Meditate.

23. Get the camera out and take a photo of something.

24. Sing.

25. Watch some funny videos. 

26. Organise something.

27. Clean something.

28. Plan something positive.

29. Say some positive affirmations.

30. Watch a funny film.

31. Watch a sad film, sometimes this helps.

32. Eat some pizza. 

33. Have a bath.

34. Watch some cat videos on Youtube.

35. Wrap yourself up in a blanket. 

36. Do some exercise. 

37. Solve yourself out of an online escape room.

38. Listen to a true-crime podcast.

39. Play on your games console.

40.  Join a virtual choir.

41. Live stream the Northern Lights to help relax you.

42. Cry.

43. Punch a pillow.

44. Write a poem.

45. Wear some fluffy socks. 

46. Have a nap. 

47. Moan on Twitter.

48. Get hooked on a new mobile game. 

49. Watch the skies.

50. Practise yoga.

51. Try a new craft. 

52. Take a quiz.

53. Watch zoo animals online.

54. Learn to bake. 

55. Binge watch a box series.

56. Tour a museum.

57. Plant a herb kitchen. 

58. Learn a musical instrument.

59. Drink a glass of water.

60. Journal.

61. Make yourself a cup of tea.

62. Make yourself a list. 

63. Do a good deed.

64. Watch a sunrise. 

65. Order delivery food.

What do you think about my list of things to do when you are having a bad day? Have I missed anything that you think is a good idea? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X


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