Monday, 5 April 2021

41 Questions to ask kids after school

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It can be hard as parents trying to get out how your child's day has been. so here are some open questions that help encourage your child to talk about their day.

41 Questions to ask kids after school

1. Tell me about the best part of your day.

2. What was the hardest thing you had to do today?

3. Did any of your classmates do anything funny?

4. Tell me about what you read in class.

5. Who did you play with today? What did you play?

6. Do you think math [or any subject] is too easy or too hard?

7. What's the biggest difference between this year and last year?

8. What rules are different at school than our rules at home? Do you think they're fair?

9. Who did you sit with at lunch?

10. Can you show me something you learned (or did) today?

11. What did you have for lunch?

12. Whom did you sit with at lunch?

13. Who told a funny joke today? What was it?

14. Who gave the best presentation in your class?

15. Who gave the worst presentation?

16. Which of your teachers was the kindest today?… Happiest?… Grumpiest?

17. What book did you get from the library?

18. Who was a super-hero today (who helped someone)?

19. Whom did you make laugh?

20. Whom did you help today?

21. What games did you play at school today?

22. If you could change part of your day today, what would it be? Why?

23. Is there anything that the teacher taught that you don’t understand?

24. How do you feel that you did today? Why?

25. What is one thing your teacher said today that you remember most?

26. If an alien spaceship came to your class and beamed someone up, who would you want them to take?

27. If you could create your own school, what would it look like and what would happen there?

28. If your teacher could teach only one subject, which subject would you want that to be?

29. If you got to be the teacher tomorrow, what would you do?

30. If you got to teach tomorrow, who would you want to be your assistant?

31. If you could change any part of your school what would you change?

32. What was your teacher like?

33. Were you nervous?

34. Who did you play with at lunch?

35. What kind of homework did you get?

 36. What was the hardest rule to follow today?

37. Tell me a story from today.

 38. What happened today that made you keep going (even if it was hard)?

39.  What will you do to solve a problem at school or improve your work What made your teacher happy? What made her mad?

40. If you could switch seats with anyone, who would it be? And why?

41. What nice thing did you say today?

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