Friday, 2 April 2021

**AD** Reasons why you should give video dating a go.

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If your single and ready to mingle then maybe you should think about online dating. It is so popular nowadays as 1 in 3 people go on the internet to find a potential partner. 

I know we have more time indoors and maybe extra time due to being furloughed so maybe a fun way to pass the time is video dating. There is a massive surge during lockdown to connect to new people and have that buzz back of meeting someone new. 

**AD** Reasons why you should give video dating a go.

I think one of the main reasons why online dating is becoming a firm favourite in the online dating world is the fact we are used to video calling with popular video apps such as what's app and zoom. We are familiar with this technology and with the ease of being able to operate it makes it a strong contender in the way we date online. 

Another positive aspect of video dating is the fact that because it is online it is much safer as you can bloke someone or end a call if you don't feel safe. 

This is in comparison to meeting someone and it can be quite difficult if you're not enjoying yourself or want to remove yourself from the date but you have the confidence to say that it is not for you. 

Of course when you go on a physical date and meet up with someone you are still putting yourself at risk because you don't know someone. At least if you take your time with video dating you can get a feel and it is safer to report than to be a physical situation where you don't feel as safe. 

Let's face it with video dating is less expensive because your home, you don't have to think about the cost of food or drink. I mean even if you are having a take away together but separate it still be a lot less compared to the physical date because you're paying for the transport element as well. 

The benefit of having a date with someone on zoom is you don't waste time for hours meeting in a bar to then find out there is no connection. Having video dating saves the time of setting up as it is quick to connect on the internet, it is flexible to what suits both of you regarding time. 

Video dating is a more relaxed affair because you're at home in your safe environment which can settle you in the build-up to the date. Hopefully, if you are more relaxed and vice versa you get a more genuine feel for the person. 

Now one area that maybe you want to explore when online dating is narrowing it down to finding someone local to you. Cheshire Dating Site not only offers the opportunity to meet potential partners in Cheshire but also caters the older individual in the over 50s category.

  Cheshire Dating is a fun way to meet new people. It is really easy to set up and no time meet new people in the local area of leisure. Just because you are over 50 doesn't mean your over. You can still have a good time and get the buzz of meeting someone new. 

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