Monday, 12 April 2021

**ad** video dating can be fun.

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Even though we are easing out of lockdown restrictions that doesn't stop you from considering online dating. I think even if social contact rules get more relaxed the benefits of dating online are still quite strong. 

Not only is online dating accessible to anyone as long as they have the capability to get on the internet. It is also open for all regardless of background, sexuality, or where you come from. 

There are so many dating sites to choose from that cater to lots of different needs not to mention there now so loads of dating apps to consider such as Bumble. 

video dating can be fun.
However, life is a lot easy especially during current times to maybe not go too far afield but closer to home. This could be for example like the site Shropshire Dating Site where if you live in the Shropshire area can find like-minded people that also live in the Shropshire area. 

The site is really straightforward to upload your profile though it is always good to put up a photo for searchers so they can put the name to the face.  

Once you have uploaded your profile and details you can then go search for who tickles your fancy. The great thing about online dating is you can narrow down specifics such as if they are heterosexual if they smoke or a vegetarian for example. 

Another very popular element of online dating is video dating where you go on dates with people virtual via video call platforms such as zoom or what's app. 

The one reason I think online video dating has grown in popularity is that it is so convenient especially due to the lockdown measures. We have a lot more time on our hands. 

For single people that can be quite lonely so video dating is a really easy and convenient solution to meet people during the lockdown and have fun.

 I think video dating is taken over from the other types of dates such as blind dates because people have more time and to get to know the person beforehand. 

 With video dating the element of it being new and something that is a bit different is exciting. There are so many fun date ideas to have online such as doing an escape room together on a Sunday night for example. Another fun date is to play food delivery roulette. 

Basically, the person decides the food you are going to have for the night and versa. It is exciting as you don't know what you will be ordered and it is also fun to decide for the other person. 

 That is the beauty of unconventional dates they are out of the box and it is a bit more fun than just meeting up with a potential partner and going for a meal in a restaurant. 

Not only does it feel a bit safer because you're in your home where you turn of the chat it doesn't feel right. However, having video dates online is easier to be yourself because you in your safe place where you feel comfortable and more likely to be relaxed so it can be easier to get to know one another on a video date. 

Online dating is not just for young 'uns but older people like Shropshire Dating where it is focused on mature dating and the potential to find a relationship. Of course, an older person is more relaxed within themselves so they don't have the pressure to be something that may not be. A really good benefit also of this website is that it is a free dating site. 

Plus with being older then is less pressure to form a relationship quick as fewer commitments but that isn't a negative it just means you can have more fun to get to know someone and have fun. 

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This is a sponsored post however all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 


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