Friday, 16 April 2021

10 mum thoughts

Hey readers,

Why is it such as pain the arse to get out of the home with two children? God, it is an absolute nightmare. Here are my ten thoughts that crop up going through the military process of getting them ready to go out.

10 mum thoughts
1. Do I really need to go out, I am knackered and we have only got one pair of socks and I am going to be hot and flustered before I even close the door. 

2. Surely I  must lose a few pounds from profusely sweating that I don't need to do a workout later with the amount of running around that I do after two kids. 

3. Why do I also end up playing cat and mouse around the home with these kids, they never come to me when I call my name. It is like they have selective hearing or something, there is a thought. 

4. God my hubby is wanker because yet again I am left to get the kids changed, or go on the school run or deal with some sort of squabble over something silly. 

5. Why the fuck do you have to throw the shoes across the room and when I ask you to put your shoes on the shelf where funny enough the shoes live you without fail to do not do these. Your lack of motivation is astonishing and really mazes how much energy you put into doing nothing. 

6. I am turning into my mother, I never thought I would say ' stay still for Godsake' or another classic such as 'if your brother tells you to jump off the cliff would you?' My God, it is finally happening I am morphing into my parent, arghhhh!

7. Thank God for bribery you saved my sanity once again. I don't care what anyone says, bribery is the best to get an easy life. If you haven't tried it what are you waiting for?

8.  That's it CBBC is going on just so we can get the hell out of here by today or I can have five minutes peace without squabbling. Guilt do me a favour go fuck yourself because today I choose not to listen to you!

9. You take them to the park thinking you are being a good parent to get away from the screens for a bit to be then greeted with the constant moaning of how long are we going to be? This is boring I want to go home. Sometimes I wonder why I bother!

10. What is it with kids and their ability to not sit on the bottom for more than two minutes. They are constantly fidgeting like they have a whole family of ants living in their pants. 

Can you relate to any of these mum's thoughts? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X


  1. hahaha! Things don't really change when they are teenagers either. My two faff about so much when we are getting ready to go out, they never listen to me and yes I am turning into my parents too. lol x