Saturday, 26 December 2020

How to deal with Twixmas

 Hey readers,

Christmas day is finished and there is that air of waiting for somerthing... the NEW YEAR but them few days after Christmas and before new year are called Twixmas. 

It can be a funny time as you don't really have anything structured during the festive period. It feels like limbo so here are a few things you can do inbetween waiting for the new year to arrive.

How to deal with Twixmas

1. Have a clear out. 

With having sosme presents now would be a good idea to have a clean out and declutter of unwanted items. 

You can then donate them if they srill have life or if you want to earn a few quid sell them on ebay. 

2. Go for a walk. 

It is hard of things to do during Covid times but you can also rely on an old faithful walk, even if it is to see the lights in your local neibourhood. You are getting out of the home and fresh air is not just good for you physically but mentally as well. 

3. Clean your home.

Now is a  good time to crack on down and clean the home out and give it a fresh feel after all the fedtive fun.

4. Go shopping in the sales.

If your feeling adventerous and got some spare money now would be good time to check out the sales and grab a bargain (if you need it). 

5. Read a book. 

Nothing beats curling up with a book espeically when it is so bleak outside, perfect escapism. 

6. Try out a new recipe.

Got some spare time? why not try out a new recipe that you like.

7. Catch up on some christmas specials. 

There is something for everyone on the telly so why not catch up on any chrsitmas specials that you enjoy, wehich reminds me I need to catch up on Motherland ;)

8. Homework.

If you have chuldren catch up on any homework that needs to be completed. 

With spare time means you can crack on getting any unwatnted homework done at a leaisurely pace without leaving the homework to last minute dot com. 

9. Routine.

As an autisitc perosn I love rountine ans so do a lot of other people. 

It can be helpgul to just simply get up ge dressed and have some order in your life to feel produvtive, it can make you feel less slugglish and more motivsated.

10. Set some goals. 

If your feeling brave and motivbsted why not set some goals that you might want to work towards and achieve. 

Hope this helps and tell me what are you doing during this funny old twixmas time?

 Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X


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