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top 5 christmas movies

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Can you believe we are in December already, so in honour of Christmas I have picked my favourite Christmas movies to get you feeling all festive?

The Grinch.

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What can a say it is an adapt from Dr Seuss's class book The Grinch who is a green hairy fellow who hates Christmas. he hates it so much he goes to the town where he lives and nicks pretty much everyone's presents, decorations and food. 

Of course, when Christmas day arrives everyone appears unhappy because everything Christmas related has gone, however, they learn to still have a jolly good time together. 

So, what happens to the Grinch and all the presents? well, I let you watch and find out.

The nightmare before Christmas.

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Another classic animation movie by Tim Burton. This one was my favourite one as a child and now it is my youngest favourite. 

It involves Jack Skellington bored and a bit meh with the whole Halloween scene decides to take on the role of Father Christmas.

 Problem is it all goes belly up as he is not Santa nor does he have the required skills to take on the role of the big guy. We soon learn about why it is important to be happy with what you have. 

Rather dark and not too sickly sweet either and I have to say the soundtrack to the film top-notch as well.

The Snowman.

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I had to include, didn't I? Timeless classic! Involved a boy making a snowman in his backyard on Christmas Eve.

 Then when everyone is in bed he comes alive, of course, the boy wakes up to discover the magical process. Then the snowman takes the boy on a magical ride through the valleys and towns.

 Really beautiful illustrations and it doesn't involve words other than the song 'walking in the air'. Another thing is that it is not long probably about half an hour max which is perfect for little 'uns who get itchy feet.

Bad Santa.

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I love Bad Santa as it is really funny and a little bit cheeky as well. So the gist of the story is these two con men try robbing a store on Christmas Eve. 

They do this by posing as Father Christmas and his little helper the elf at the local shopping centre. Of course, Father Christmas is an alcoholic and it is fair to say he is not the best with children.

 A lot of events occur to keep you amused and the plan to rob a place doesn't go all that well.

Father Christmas.

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From the same author (Raymond Briggs) who wrote The Snowman turns another book into an adept called Father Christmas.

 This is a tale about Father Christmas what normally gets up to before and the lead up to Christmas. 

Apparently, he lives in a house on a normal street, just like a lot of people in England. He also is depicted as being a little grumpy and not the jolly good fellow that is depicted by adults, lol. 

Really lighthearted and enjoyable for all the family to enjoy. A fun fact about this film Father Christmas says BLOOMING 72 times no less!

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