Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Christmas pressure

Hey readers, 

Christmas can be tough especially when you see how good some people live their life on social media. 

But what you must remember is that it is only what you see in a picture, you don't know the whole story. Remember you are not alone and lots of other people feel similar to the pressure of Christmas and the high expectations you put on yourself.

I don't have all the money in the world but I have learnt that it does not matter. I don't need to be perfect nor do I need to put this big expectation on myself to be something that I can not achieve, it is ok too so what feels right for you. 

Everyone is different and the more I accept myself and my situation the better chance I will of enjoying Christmas without the stress.

I think one of the things about the Christmas stress is expectations to be perfect and provide everything for everyone. why put Yourself under that stress when you know it is not achievable if you haven't got the money. 

No point beating yourself up over it, it is ok to have a budget, it is ok not to buy everything in the Argos Catalogue. You do not have to worry as social services will not be knocking on the door because you have not brought your child enough toys for Christmas or the latest gadget.

However, it is also important to remember that Christmas should not be about the money but getting together and being nice to one other. you don't need a million pounds to have a good time. 

You could go for a walk together and that would be just as wonderful be sure you are doing something together as a family. 

Sometimes just being with the people you love is more important. I have been at times the loneliest with no one and I need to remind myself it is so much better now with having the opportunity to spend Christmas with the people I love and love me back.

You don't always to have money to be happy.. of course, it helps with paying the bill's and keeping a roof over your head. but for materialistic gifts, happiness is only short-lived anyway into you want the next thing.

 Anyone can go out and buy something but not everyone is as lucky as me to have a safe roof over their heads or having people in your life that accept you for who you are.

Who cares about all the stresses of Christmas? The only person is you, most kids really care and just hold on the memories.

Don't spend if you can't afford it is ok to do what is right for you and within your means.

No point getting stressed about money do what feels right for you and remember really it's the only day. Enjoy watching telly, eating too much chocolate and being with the ones you love.

Cheers for reading X


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