Wednesday, 23 October 2019

10 things that are annoying about the school run.

Hey readers, 

Since being a mum of children of school age for over 4 years I can now say I have had some experience of being a school mum so to speak. 

Here are some observations that you may recognise if you too are a parent of school children. 

1. Schoolbag.

Always check the school bag the day before because you can bet there will be one day where there is something seriously important that you have to sign for. 

2. School uniform. 

 Make sure you double-check your child's school uniform before leaving the door.

 I myself have been caught out with one of my darlings having the trousers on the wrong way or the other child has the small cardigan on and resembling something from a 90s boy band.

3. Toilet. 

The chances of one of my children needed the toilet before we head home after school or before school is 99.9% chance that yes they will need the bloody toilet. Regardless of the fact that they will deny it until the cows come home. 

4. How you doing?

Never expect to get an answer to a question that enquires about your child's school day because you will never get an answer. The only two responses are, nothing or ok.

 Thanks for the enlightenment darlings I really now know what you do at school for the 6 odd hours your in education doing sweet FA apparently. 

5. Rain.

 As sod's law loves to wind up parents you know full well the day you decide not to have a coat that the heavens will open. Then what happens is naturally you will resemble a wet, miserable rat cursing under your breathe. 

6. Money, money, money.

You seem to now need to take out a loan because of the amount of money needed for school activities. 

It just never seems to end from days out to the cake sale to the sodding lollies that are near the school gate that you can't hide from your child. 

7. PE kit.

You think you have crackled this school run malarky, got that cocky smile over your face until you reach your child's classroom and your child informs you that they haven't got their pe kit for today, GRRRR!

8. Morning.

It doesn't matter how much time or even extra time getting up early at some point along the process of getting ready for school it will go belly up. 

Your child will have a meltdown, there is toothpaste all over their clothes (the one time you forget to tell them to brush their teeth before getting their school uniform on). 

One of your children thinks it is funny to hide the hairbrush or the fact before leaving the door after several prompts your child still has not put their shoes on.

 Seriously, I don't know why I bother I am destined not to be on time without running in a mad panic down the road. 

9. Wakey wakey.

 Why is it so hard to wake your child up on a school morning but they are jumping all over you at silly o'clock on a Saturday morning?!

10. Waynetta Slob.

 Why is it all the other mums look well together with their overall presentation and you resemble Waynetta Slob and the sad thing is you cant hide under sunglasses during winter. 

Cheers for reading x 


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