Monday, 28 October 2019

5 ways to help your child get out of the pushchair.

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With parenting, there are never-ending stages that you have to work through with your child. For me as a parent of a stubborn child, one of those stages would be to successfully not use a pushchair and my child to be independently walking. I can confirm that my children are 5 and 7 I have achieved that twice and come out the other side and still smiling. Here are some tips that I have found useful for when I did work through this transition with my children. 

1. Regular trips. 

When starting off helping your child to get out of the buggy and use their feet it is important to make sure that you do regular trips or take your child out the chair where it is safe to do so. It may take time for your child to get used to the idea and that is OK because change takes time. It is important to not push your child but to keep giving them positive praise so that they are encouraged to continue and learning to be independent without the pushchair. 

2. Harness. 

If your child is one of those that rule feral and doesn't like to stay close *ahem like both my children* then a good solution to give your security is to purchase a harness. This is a strap that goes on the child's wrist and you as the parent hold the other end so that they close by giving you that peace of mind. You can buy these from Boots and supermarkets so the yare easily accessible. 

Make sure you have a harness/link wrist or even a bag with a harness. Though my son hated that others love having a little back all of there own. This can help little ones feel independent.

3. Motivator. 

As a motivator, my son would carry something small as he loves to help and copy adults. Even if it is just a carrot he will feel important and want to help. Therefore it can help motivate him to walk further without the need of wanting to go into the pushchair. 

4. Reward Chart. 

A  reward chart is a good idea if you want your child to perform postive behaviours such as walking close by, or walking x amount of time out of the pushchair. If the child sucessfully achives five stas they can have an reward that is the  as an incentive to promote walking and can help them be more inclined to walk that bit more.   The kind of rewards you can do is have a faviorutite to read, can put a cartoon they like or even go to their favioiurite park to play one day during the week when they have reached their goal of x amount of stars.

5. Park. 

To get them to walk somewhere like a park once a week so they get a chance. This helped with my eldest as it was more fun to be free to run around but also can help them built up their fitness.

Have you successfully achieved leaving the pushchair at home and your child walking independently? I would love yo hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

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