Thursday, 3 October 2019

8 Ways to save money this autumn.

Hey readers,

As we are now in autumn and it won't be long before Christmas you may be thinking of ways to save money. 

 Well, I have complied with 8 ways to save money during autumn. Let's go...

1. Pumpkin items. 

In the UK over recent years the sense and flavour of pumpkin spice has gotten very popular. You can be sure to find pumpkin flavoured pastries, coffees, hand wash, and candles to name a few. 

Everywhere you turn it feels like something has pumpkin in it. The thing with pumpkin spice being a hype is that it has risen the cost of products to premium prices. Therefore meaning you will have to pay more because it is in-demand what with the influence social media has. 

You don't need everything in pumpkin spice, your world won't stop just be sensible with your consumption and remember don't be fooled by social media who want you to buy pumpkin spice.  

2. Seasonal foods. 

Buying seasonal food can save you money because food that is produced closer to home is cheaper because it cost less to produce and transport to the supermarket. 

Keep on track of what fruit and vegetables are in season as it is normally cheaper compared to out of season foods. 

3. Do I need that?
When shopping it can be easy to impulsively and buy stuff that you may deep down not need. 

A tip I love and use often is asking yourself do I really need that? Once you use this it does get easy and it is amazing how much you don't actually buy because you really think about whether you need something or not. 

4. Christmas shopping.

I know it is not Christmas yet but it is a good time to start Christmas shopping. There are a lot of deals slowly coming out such as Tesco toys half-price sale and B & M sale where you can buy x2 toys for £16. So now is the grab a good deal. 

5. Review your energy bill. 

Now is the time to check if you are paying the right amount on your energy bill. Have a check around to see what company has the best deal. During the colder period, energy companies known for at times to raise their prices due to the high demand. 

6. Cancel gym membership. 

You don't have to be at the gym to get fit, you can go autumn walks or do exercise at home. You will save so much when your not tied down to a gym.

7. Autumn sales. 

Autumn sales are the best time to get stuff for a good price. Remember though don't buy if you don't need it. 

8. Draught proofing.

Autumn is the time to make sure that your home is draught-proof as this can keep your home warm and also save money on your energy bill.

 All you need to for a simple effective way is to get draught strip and place it in the gap between the window/door and opening so it is sealed to stop any draught coming through. 

 It has been said that if you draught-proof your doors and windows you can save £20 a year. 

Another tip is to have thick curtains to keep the warmth in as well. 

There is also the option of buying draught excluders where you simply put at the bottom of the door to stop the draught coming into the room. 

What way do you like to save money during the autumn season? I love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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