Hey readers,

My word of the week is: 

This week is the final week of school for both boys which means six weeks of no school. Kinda happy I don't have to deal with the social aspect. I know both boys will be more relaxed and let's hope not too much squabbling before I end up turning into my mother 😉

My eldest after growing his hair for two and a half years got it cute. So strange seeing it so short and can, see his head haha. He loves it because he really struggles with the sensory aspect of brushing his hair so I am hoping for less screaming in the morning.

My youngest has moved upon his book band which makes me so proud and he has worked so hard with his reading. 

We are planning to do the reading challenge at the library so that should help with continuing with his progress. 

Hope you have had a good week. 

 Cheers for reading X 


  1. My lot are too old for the library challenge now, but we used to love doing it. I think it is a brilliant way to encourage reading. We are ready for the end of term. Not quite time for us yet. #wotw

  2. I'll be looking for pics of the hair cut! My boy had his cut a couple of months ago and he looked so different. He needs it doing again now, but it has to be his choice. We are trying a Reading Bingo challenge this summer, I'm determined to get them reading more. They love drawing and writing, but I think reading is just as important. Thanks for linking up to #Wotw

  3. My grandson just had his long hair cut too. I love the new look. Are you going to post before and after photos of your son?

  4. I hope you have a fab summer.
    hahaha! I always feel like I'm turning into my mother when I am telling my two off. lol
    Ahh! It sounds like a big change with your boys hair. I bet it takes some getting used to.
    Good luck with the reading and well done to your youngest with it x

  5. Aw I remember doing that when my two were little, its great to know we are at the end of school isnt it ? x