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30 of the best life hacks.

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Life is hard right and if you can do anything to make it that bit easier than your safe hands as I have compiled 30 of the best life hacks. You won't regret reading this post, check them out below!

1. Don't you just hate trying to find clothes at the bottom of the draw that you can't see, well no more because the problem is solved and it is all about the way you stack them?

Image result for folding clothes life hack

2. Remember them things called cassette tapes, well now they have a use, genius!

3. Need help getting organised with leads then check this little hack. 

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4. Why did I not think of this before, now I can hope not to trip up on that wee ;).

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5. What a brilliant way to store items especially if you are limited with space. You can put your toilettes on shower curtains with clips, bravo!

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6. Save some time when moving with this neat hack, all in one transport, boom!

how to move clothes easily

7. What to keep all you’re shopping together then you need this hack in your life.


8. Did someone say fresh sparkling wine?!


9. Nothing is worse than wrapping paper unravelling, no more of that nonsense with this valuable hack.

10. Get annoyed with ads stopping you playing games on phone, not anymore....

Wizard move: You won't get texts or phone calls of course, but perhaps the game is more important anyway

11. Have no candles, need instant light check this savvy hack.

Flare: The paraffin wax in a crayon keeps it alight and the paper covering it acts like a wick

12. Who knew cola and blood worked well together?

13. How annoying is it slipping around on the rug, here is a solution to the problem?

14. You learn something every day.


15. Want to clean in between the keys of your keyboard, well here is a smashing idea get a sticky note perfect for getting in them awkward small spots.


16. No asbestos fingers, now you don't have to worry about getting your cheese on toast out of the toaster just move that toaster about.


17. Of course, I knew the hotel TV would come in handy.

18. There is a spring in that hack.

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19. Keep it all together in one place with this simple hack.

Shopping bag trash

20. No need to spend the earth on kids during summer with this cost effect delight.

Be the master of your garden with these easy gardening hacks.

21. Cut down on the space in the kid’s bedroom with this fantastic idea of using zipped freezer bags to store jigsaws in. You would be amazed at how much space you gain from getting rid of all those boxes.

Puzzle storage without bulky boxes: Cut out the picture from the box lid and store puzzles in bags.

22. Do you get fed up of all the playing cards getting lost then get hold of a soapbox to keep everything in place?

Store cards in a soap box

23. You know them Lego manuals keep them all together in a folder.

Store all the Lego manuals in one binder so you have them at your fingertips (plus find a bunch of other great Lego storage ideas in the link under the photo).

24. No more spillages with the paint brush.


25. How infuriating are leads getting in a mess, thank goodness for toilet roll?


26. Anything is worth a go.

27. Whoever thought about this is amazing, what a brilliant idea.

28.Cheap storage for spaghetti.

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29. No bumps in the night with one.

Genius Lifehacks for an Easier Life – 22 Pictures

30. How frustrating is it losing where the tape ends, here is a clever trick to sort that out.

Je n’arrive pas à croire qu’on ne faisait pas ça avant ! Ces…

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