Sunday, 9 December 2018

Alternative Christmas present guide (2018) **AD**

Hey readers,

This guide is to help people who don't want something traditional but a little bit different to get excited about this Christmas.

DNA testing Kit.

I will kick off with this interesting idea called Find my past DNA sampling kit. If someone that you know is interested in learning about your past history and relatives then this is the present for them.

It is basically you will receive a kit that includes activation code to set up an online account and this will be where you find out about your results. In the kit that will be sent directly via post in a box and inside, there is a testing kit. 

You can't drink for one hour after that time you swipe your mouth with the swab around anti-clockwise for about 45 seconds giving that enough time to collect some check cells. This then gets closed up ceiled in a bag and then you place it into the prepaid envelope to get your details tested.

Once the test sample is received you will be given details on your online account about information about past relatives, where they are from, what parts of the country they are from. Great if you want to find more about your family tree.

 Really simple to do and clear instructions on each step. The kits themselves are dispatched between 5-7 working days.

IMG_1431 What the sampling kit looks like when received in the post.

dna sample 1 Inside the kit instructions, sealed envelope, swab, and pre-paid envelope.

IMG_1444 Taking a swab of my inside cell checks to send off to get tested.
pre paid envelope This is what the sealed envelope looks like.

Mystery box.

Mystery Boxes
Next on the list is the very popular trend that has occurred on Youtube and that is a mystery box.

 You get to send a box of random items through on Firebox you can select the kind of items you want such as gadget, unusual, foodie etc. 

It is great fun because there is that thrill of not knowing what to expect and opening up is a big surprise. It can either go two ways - really amazing stuff or absolutely pants. But hey the surprise and not knowing is what it is about.

Frefall Abseil at The ArcelorMittal Orbit.

This idea is for the person in your life who is an adrenaline junkie and gets their kicks out of risking their own life. I present you freefall abseil at the ArcelorMittal Orbit in London. You can buy this experience from Red Letter Days

You can't say this is not unique. What it comprises of abseiling down the tallest sculpture in the United Kingdom. It is located in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and showcases a stunning 115 metres in height. You can see iconic places such as the London Olympics. 

It is also a freefall abseil. Ascend to a platform on 80 metres up and take in the sky-high views of London. whilst being attached to the specially-designed safety system by expert Wire and Sky staff.

 Then take a deep breath, lean back and abseil down without touching anything until the ground is reached. Relish the scary yet exhilarating feeling of being mid-air and marvel at views of the Gherkin, St. Paul's, the O2 Arena and more on the way down. The duration of the experience lasts for two hours of pure excitement.

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This is an advertisement feature. I was given a Living DNA kit for free in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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