Sunday, 30 December 2018

Review of Legoland Discovery Centre Birmingham.

Hey readers,

The other day we went on a family day out to Legoland discovery centre in Birmingham.

The attraction is located.
LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Birmingham will be based at Arena Birmingham (opposite The National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham).
King Edwards Rd, Birmingham B1 2AA

Opening times.
Weekends: 10am - 7pm (last admission to the attraction at 5pm).
Weekdays: 10am - 5pm (Last admission to the attraction at 3pm).

Cost of attraction.
£15 pp online or £20 pp pay at the desk.

After you sort out tickets at the reception desk you then go into the area near the lift, you will then get photos which are put onto a Lego background which when you go further into the centre you have the option to buy them if you want to.


Kingdom Quest.

Next, you go into the lift and down a level where you begin the fun. The first thing to do if you want to the ride where you go on a boat around an area where you have to play guns where you can hit targets to win points. This was really fun and we all really enjoyed taken part in that. The ride last for approximately five minutes.


Once you follow down the aisle and then you enter another room which is amazing lego build display covering all the Iconic Birmingham buildings such as The Bull Ring, Cadbury's world and Aston Villa football stadium to name a few. There are also interactive sections where you can spin the wheel and race the boats down the canal.

We went at Christmas time and we had a sheet where we had to find x amount of elves and all the different reindeers dotted about the room - that was good fun to go hunting for them.








The Ultimate Lego Playground.

After exploring that room we moved on to the next room which is the main activity hub. There is a section on the left and focuses on the Lego friend characters with the female friends dotted about the section. There were sections where you can build at the table your own creations or add onto other peoples work that has been left behind.

Of course, no great child attraction would be complete with the soft play which is based on Lego city with the theme of the construction, fire and police centre. Lots of soft padded floor to run around, climb and slide down the slide.

There is a bigger section between the soft play and Lego friends with loads of bricks to make your own creations.

There is an area in the room next to the soft play that has lockers where you can store your items (cost £1) to lock it up. Also, a place where you can leave your pushchairs.











4D cinema.

There is also the 4D cinema with a Lego film based and there are water, air, wind, snow and the feeling of figures coming out of the screen all good fun if you like to feel the experience.


Duplo farm.

There is a section for toddlers to freely play without the fear of them bumping to older children. There are bigger blocks for smaller hands (Duplo), a slide, and a small section where the child can climb and go down a slide safely. There is a big friendly cow that they can sit on and play with.
At the back of the room is another ride where you peddle to make it go up and down - which is a great thrilling ride.
There is also a section where you can build your own lego cars and test them out on the lego tracks with slops that make them go down fast.
There is a table with bricks where you can build buildings and test them out on the wobble board - where you press the button to make the square of land wobble.


There is a cafe in the activity centre area where you can buy cold drinks and Costa hot drinks such as hot chocolate and coffee. There is also lunch sandwich meals if you wish.

There are also toilets in the area to access plus disabled toilets and baby changing section.


I was surprised at how long we stayed here - there was plenty to see in different formats. My 5 and 7 year old really enjoyed it especially the mini land and the interaction element.

Of course, they loved running around together in the soft play and also experimenting with the bricks to come up with their own creations. In actual fact, my eldest took part in the festive build to come up with your own design which was a Santa sleigh and won which my eldest was so proud about and he won the reindeer set as a price.


The staff were friendly and helpful. The places were in top form, clean and plenty of bins which I think is a good thing and doesn't make the place look messy.

I definitely recommend it for any child who likes bricks and likes to explore and create.

Cheers of reading X


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