Monday, 31 December 2018

6 places to find cheap books.

Hey readers,

I love reading and I'm always looking for cheap ways of getting books or buying them. It can be a struggle but there's no need to spend a fortune on buying books if you look in the right places you will find cheap ways of getting your hands on books. Let me tell you some of the places you can try that have been successful for me in finding cheap books below.

1. Local library.

The most obvious place to start for looking for books is the local library, as they have a wide selection of different types of books you can take out on loan and are free. I have taking out loads of books on loan so you have to return them in the past from for my library. It has been so helpful in saving me money going to my library as there is so much choice for instance recipe books, craft books for kids and fiction books to lose myself in.

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2. Second-hand shops.

As good as the library is for a wide selection of books sometimes the library does not have the title in. That is why it's good to check out the local charity shop to see if there are pre-loved books that you want but you can't find anywhere else. The books from charity shops are cheap and cheerful and normally absolutely fine to read at a low cost. Also after I finished a book that I bought from the charity shop I normally give it to my local library so that someone else can enjoy it and share the love through that way.

3. eBay / Amazon.

Online there are plenty of places that sell cheap books compared to say Waterstones and two of the most popular sites are eBay and Amazon. I'm not sure if you are aware but not only does Amazon sell brand spanking new books they also sell used books, so do check that option out as well because you can get somebody else with that way. Likewise, with eBay, they sell cheaper books especially ones that are a bit rarer at a reasonable cost.

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4. E-reader.

Another option is to download an e-reader app so you don't have to spend loads on an e-reader and you can find cheap eBooks through the e-reader app itself.

5. Comparison sites.

To find the best book deal price check out this brilliant website called Best Book Price which compares the cheapest place to get a book. Some of the types compared are eBay, Amazon WHSmith and various other book internet sites that you can buy books from.
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6. The Works.

The Works is another good shop where you can buy books from, whether it be fiction or nonfiction. They also do regular book deals such as 6 fiction books for £10 or 10 children books for £10. Another great feature is that you can order books online or pick them up in a store. Which I prefer to look in the shop as you can physically touch them and see all the books together to choose from.

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