Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Why doing nothing is good.

 Hey readers,

It can be hard to do absolutely nothing without feeling the guilt that you need to be doing something. 

However, I feel that during the lockdown is a perfect opportunity to embrace doing nothing. I have written below the reasons why I support doing nothing. 

Why doing nothing is good.

1.  Boost creativity.

When we do nothing it is a chance to release our imagination and then that entails unconscious thought ideas which can lead to new ideas. 

 Research has shown that whilst we stop and relax our brain produces the hormone dopamine which again helps improve our creativity. 

2. Mental strength.

When you are doing nothing it allows you time to think about situations and makes you reflect on what has happened. 

It could be a chance to accept certain problems that you may normally find hard to let go. Also doing nothing means that it allows you to be challenged especially when you feel the need to get up and go.

 Challenging yourself can give you the mental strength especially if you do regularly can make you feel that you have done something positive for yourself. 

3. Makes you happier.

When you are doing nothing you let go of the expectations that you need to be doing something to make you happy. 

That, therefore, means you learn to appreciate doing nothing and that can bring happiness because you appreciate the small things such as enjoying the moment. 

4. Increases activity.

By doing nothing and not putting pressure on yourself you're allowing your mind and body to relax. 

Therefore you have more energy because you're not using all your resources and then that gives you energy at a later date to more because of the rest. 

5. Improves concentration. 

If you allow yourself to do nothing it gives your brain time to heal or recover. This then makes you overall perform better and concentrate because you let go of things whilst doing nothing.

What do you think about doing nothing? Is it something that you participate in and enjoy? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X


  1. Doing nothing is good. It does give us change to relax and recharge.
    I find it hard to do "nothing". I always have to have the TV on and doing something else, like commenting on blogs. hehehe x