Monday, 18 January 2021

10 of the best adult jigsaw puzzles.

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As you may have more time on your hands with being inside more why not take up a fun entertainment in the form of jigsaw puzzles.

 Below I have picked my top 10 adult jigsaw puzzles that look fun to do if you're bored at home during the lockdown. 

10 of the best adult jigsaw puzzles.

1. The world of Sherlock Holmes. 

The world of Sherlock Holmes.

This 1000 piece cost £14.00 from Amazon. It features Holme's London spots (221B Baker Street) and famous characters (Dr Watson). It is a fun puzzle if you're into Sherlock Holmes and like to spot clues then this is a good choice.

2. Times Square.

Times Square jigsaw puzzle

This next puzzle is a stunning image of Times Square in New York (America). The Neon effect really brings the nightlife alive in the image. You can buy the jigsaw puzzle from Menkind for £10.00. 

 3. TFL London Underground Map. 

TFL London Underground Map.
This a fun way to learn about the different London underground stations. It covers 270 underground stations and has 1000 pieces for you to enjoy to put together. You can purchase this London underground jigsaw from Gibsons Games for £14.00.

4.  St Pancras.

St Pancras.

This St Pancras is a beautiful vintage train station done by the artist Trevor Mitchell and comes with original oil painting on a canvas jigsaw puzzle. You can buy this from The Works for £7.00.

5. Cosmic Lights. 

Cosmic lights
Now for something completely different with this cosmic lights puzzle. If your looking for a challenge with your jigsaw puzzle then this one is the one! You can buy this jigsaw puzzle on Amazon for £9.83. 

6.  Harry Potter. 

Harry Potter
A fun Harry Potter jigsaw puzzle with the image of the main characters. You can buy it from Amazon for £15.94. 

7. VHS Jaws.

vhs jaws

Looking for a quirky jigsaw puzzle, well I think I have it covered with this VHS Jaws jigsaw puzzle. It is a celebration of the video era with the classic Jaws film cover for you to enjoy. This is available at Smyths Toys for £5.99.

8. Succulent spectrum. 
Succulent plant jigsaw puzzle
For the plant, lover gets your green fingers on this succulent plant-based jigsaw puzzle. The picture showcases a variety of different types of succulents.  This jigsaw puzzle is available on Kew shop for £11.99.

9. Mona Lisa.

mona lisa

For something funny then I have found the one with this modern take of the classic Mona Lisa.  You can obtain this puzzle from Zazzle for a whopping £61.70.

10. The sweet shop. 

If your looking for a really difficult jigsaw puzzle that will keep you on your toes then this sweet shop themed jigsaw is the perfect match. You can buy this jigsaw from Jigsaw Puzzles Direct for £11.99.

The sweet shop.

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