Monday, 25 January 2021

Why I love sleep.

Hey readers,

I won't lie but since becoming a parent I love to sleep and appreciate sleep more than ever. Here is why I heart sleep so much.

reasons why I love sleep

1. I love you sleep because you stop me from thinking about food and diet, therefore saving calorie intake.

2. Sleep gives me time to relax and gives my achy muscles time to heal.

3. Sleep is a place where I feel safe. Sleep is a lovely way to get lost in a dream which can take you away from reality.

4. Sleep gives me time to stop me listening and focus on attentively what needs to be done.

5. Sleep I appreciate you because I can stop cleaning after the kiddos for a while.

6. Sleep stops me dealing with emotions which quite frankly are up and down and around the corner.

7. I love you sleep and are my biggest fantasy.

8. Sleep you are free and that is all I need to say.

9. Sleep is a place where I can be myself.

10. Sleep helps clear my head and help me think clearer.

Do you love sleep? Have a missed a good reason to love sleep? Love to hear your comments down below. 

Cheers for reading X


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