Monday, 7 December 2020

Melting snowman cookie recipe

Hey readers, 

A nice little Christmas recipe you can do with the children are these super easy melting snowman cookies. 

These are perfect because it is not too complicated but will get anyone in a festive mood. 

Melting snowman cookie recipe

What you will need.

*  12 cookies.

 * 12 white marshmallows.
* Red/green/yellow tube of writing icing.  

* 400g of fodent icing sugar. 

How to make the cookies.

1. Place the icing sugar into the bowl. Start with a teaspoon of water and mix into the icing. Keep adding a teaspoon of water each time until the icing gets to a runny consistency but think enough to coat on a spoon. 

2. Cut the marshmallows into half. 

3. Now getting the icing sugar and cover the cookie and add the marshmallow at the top of the cookie.

4. Give the cookie a couple of minutes to set the mixture. 

5. Get the red icing pen put two dots for the eyes and a red mouth on the marshmallow head.

6. A yellow dot for the nose on the marshmallow head. 

7. Get the red icing pen again and make a red scarf around the marshmallow.

8. Use all three icing writing pens and make dots on some of the cookies tummies.

9. On the other half of the batch of cookies draw a yellow line down the tummy of the snowman and then yes red and green dots on the line to make it look like a snowman scarf. 

10. Allow some time for the icing to dry on to the cookies and then there you have some melting snowman cookies.


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  1. I used to make these with my girls every year in the run up to Christmas when my girls were little. They loved them. I think we should make them again x