Friday, 24 April 2020

Ways to deal with anger.

Hey readers,

Life can be tough and at times you can feel angry and lash out. In this post, I have written about ways to use that angry in a constructive manner so that people don't get hurt but you can deal with the angry positively.

Sometimes having a distraction can help you stop from focusing on the anger. One good tip would be is to count up to 10 or down or if you are super angry 100. This will allow time to cool down as such and give you that break to think.

Do something to use up the rage, maybe go for a run, rip paper or like me clean kitchen floor and get that frustration out of your system. I always better after cleaning up and I have the added bonus of a tidy kitchen, whoop!

I know this can be hard but if you are in a situation that is causing that angry it is better to hold your tongue and walk away in the long term.

 We all have said things in the heat of the moment and when you are angry you can't think straight. That is why it is better to walk away and postpone what you want to say at a later date when you are thinking rational and calm. 

This also reduces the risk of saying something harmful just because at the time you wanted to hurt someone because you yourself were actually hurting. 

Speak to someone
 about how you are feeling. This can help if it is anger that is a long-term problem. I problem shared is a problem halved, especially if is someone that you can trust and may be able to offer some answers to your problems.

 However, sometimes or we want to do is vent and that is ok too because it is better to let it out then keep it bubbling away inside.

Find a solution - maybe not instantly but read on the internet or ask someone for advice on how to deal with your situation that you are in.

When I am angry I am just not in the mood for anything. I simply need to do is go to bed and sleep before making a big decision. 

I feel much calmer after having a rest and it gives me a better think more clearly.

Sometimes, I can not always express myself verbally so I grab a pen and pad and write it down. It feels fantastic after because it is much clearer to see the problem rather than going over and over things in my head.

You know what I love? a good cry and that is all you need to do sometimes is to have that moment to breakdown in my room and get it out of my system. After a cry, I feel tons better and I love calming feeling after.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for reading X


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