Wednesday, 22 April 2020

An open letter to my TV.

Dear TV,

I am writing this open letter to tell you how much I am forever grateful to you and the service you provide for me and my family.

You are the backbone of our home, no joke of a lie especially during these hard times at staying at home during the Corona Virus. 

I don't think I needed anyone quite like you in my life especially now that I am a mother, you are basically another member of my family right now. You bring me so much joy along with my husband and children. 

You are central to our family, I class you as a helping hand. When I am in need you are always around to be available in my hour of need and help keep me calm before I lose my rag.

TV you're so important because without you we would feel lost. You allow me to have that break to do things without the need to think about how I am going to entertain children. 

If I feel my kids need education you still provide with having the subtitles on the box for my little darlings to read, that means they are learning right?!

I can get s**t done such as doing my cleaning like the washing or do the vacuuming without interruption from the kids. 

This may seem like a bad thing for a parent to do but you know what things need to be done or else the Social Services will come knocking on our door asking me why my home such a pigsty.

Not only do you help me in my hour of need but you bring us together as a family. When we watch movies when it's cold outside and we're cuddling on the sofa munching on popcorn. 

During this hard time with the broken world we live in with the Coronavirus, therefore, you have been a useful tool to help escape when life seems pretty stressful. I can wind down, close the curtains forget life for a while, which is much needed right now. 

What is really good about your TV is the variety of shows so that means everyone gets to enjoy your services at some point in time. Your variety is what makes you glorious from serious news updates right through to silly videos on You Been Framed, you got it covered for all of us to enjoy you at some point.

At times life can feel lonely but watching TV and talking to others about shows gives us connectivity where common ground can be met. It can be challenging or funny but the most important thing is it makes us think about the ideas your project which can only be a good thing. 

The TV gives us time as a family to bond which we enjoy watching Dr Who and being together as a family. This is a simple pleasure and probably may end up being a cherished one years later for my sons. 

Therefore, from the bottom of my heart, I love you my little 42-inch tv you will always have a spot in the middle of my living room and be part of my family.

Cheers for reading  x


  1. I think we would be lost without our TV especially now we're in lock down. It's kept me updated with the news, we've watched so many films and the kids do love to play on the xbox. x