Monday 20 April 2020

59 things to do after lockdown ends.

Hey readers,

I know it is hard to imagine a time when the lockdown will end but we can all dream right?! So, in this post, I am going to reminisce on the good old days before Coronavirus and without restrictions. Here are 60 on the things I will enjoy once this lockdown will end.

1. Going out for a walk more than once a day.

2. Going to the pub.

3. Sitting in McDonald's.

4. Grabbing a coffee.

5. Going for a picnic.

6. Going for a long drive.

7. Checking out a theme park.

8. Visiting family.

9. Enjoying the sunshine outside.

10. Not feeling paranoid.

11. Not having to check regularly government guidelines.

12. Going to the beach.

13. Staying at a hotel.

14. Go on holiday for a few days and getting away from the day to day life.

15. Hearing the ice cream van reminds me of summer.

16. Buying ice cream from the ice cream van.

17. Buying a pic n mix.

18. I know a lot of Chinese takeaways are open but my favourite one where I live is closed during the lockdown so I enjoy a good old takeaway when lockdown ends.

19. Visiting a museum and taking your time to explore the exhibitions available.

20. Pass within two metres of someone.

21. Impulsively go to the shop without thinking about it.

22. Get a haircut.

23. Watch the Labour Party tear each other to pieces.

24. Visit Primark for a bit of retail therapy.

25. Taking my kids to school 😉

26. Grateful for the work teachers do.

27. Being thankful for not having to homeschool anymore.

28. Enjoying the peace to have an adult conversation.

29. Going to see a film at the cinema.

30. Being able to get food supplies without struggling.

31. Seeing a Doctor.

32. Not have stress about my long term medication running out.

33. Not feeling frustrated being trapped.

34. Visiting the garden centre.

35. Going for a swim.

36. Using the outdoor gym in the park.

37. Sitting down when out for a park.

38. Seeing the economy grown again.

39. Not constantly think about snacks.

40. Grabbing a sausage roll from Greggs.

41. Asking the taxi driver, 'so is it busy tonight?'

42. Cloud spotting in the park.

43. Go to another city and being a tourist.

44. Just freedom to have a choice.

45. Just sitting and watching the world go by.

46. Go watch a live concert.

47. The feeling of your teeth clean when visiting the dentist.

48. Not being terrified if you need to go to A & E.

49. Checking out charity shops and finding a bargain.

50. Petting random animals in the street.

51. Going window shopping with actual shops.

52. Having a barbecue.

53.  Remember to check your child's bag after school.

54. Remember to fill out school letters.

55. Being more thankful for what you have.

56. Enjoying doing the small stuff.

57. Having a good night sleep again.

58. When the government says it is all over.

59. Sunbathing in the park.

What are you most looking forward to when lockdown ends? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Cheers for reading X


  1. I have said the first thing we're going to do is have a visit to McDonalds and I think my fella and I need a night out at the pub. I am really missing going into town and looking around the shops. I think by the time the lock down is over the kids will have outgrown all their clothes so a trip to Primark will be needed. x