Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Hair bobble hacks

Hey readers, 

I have a ton of hair bobbles and thought what can I do with all these hair bobbles other than putting my hair up in a ponytail. Here are top hair bobble hacks you can use. 

1. Trousers.

If your trousers are too tight then a way to create an instant extension is to thread a hair bobble through the buttonhole and wrap it around the button, while you can still enjoy your trousers but also have room to breathe.

2. Cords. 

Got a load of leads that makes an area look messy, no problem use a hair bobble to wrap around the leads to keep your cords neat and tidy. 

3. Pencil grip. 

Wrap a hair bobble around a pencil or pen then you have an easy grip to help with easing the writing strains when using a pen/pencil. 

4. Wine bottle. 

place a hair bobble on the neck of the bottle this will then mean the hair bobble with catch any wine drips after pouring a glass of wine. 

5. Curtains.

If it is windy and you have the windows open and the curtains flying everywhere which drives you mad then simply wrap a hair bobble around the curtain. This will give you an instant solution in stopping the curtains from blowing everywhere and tie them in one place.

6. Food bags. 

Need food bags to keep food fresh and what to reuse at a later date? No worries wrap that bobble around the bag and there you have instant food bag clips and don't have to spend a fortune on bag pegs. 

7. Pump soap dispenser.

Wrap a hair bobble on the tube of the soap dispenser, just above the neck of the bottle. Now you have the soap dispensing not as much soap and a slower pace means you save money and don't waste money. 

Do you use hair bobbles other than ponytails? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X


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