Friday, 21 February 2020

97 things to declutter now!

Hey readers,

It is a brand new month (March) and what better way to start a new month then getting rid of some clutter in your home to give you a fresh start and some organisation to kick start your month.

 1. Get rid of unwanted apps on your phone.

2. Catalogues lying about in your home.

3. Unwanted coats.

4. Broken or chipped vases.

5.  Outdated vitamins.

6. Empty out your freezer.

7. Organise your cleaning supplies.

8.  Baby items over 5 years old.

9. Old never used mobile phones.

10. Small condiment packets.

11. Digital books that you have read or not going to read, clear out and make some room.

12. Water bottles.

13. Jars.

14. Tv series links.

15. Leftover party stuff that will never use again.

16. Hair products that have seen the light of day that you have stopped since changing your style.

17. Toiletries and perfume you hate the smell of.

18.  Broken or unused jewellery.

19. Old tote bags or backpacks.

20. Wire hangers.

21. Damaged clothes.

22. Plastic lids without containers.

23. Extra coffee cups.

24. Cooking tools, appliances, utensils that you haven’t used in over a year.

25. Cds.

26. DVDs.

27. VHS tapes.

28. Anything you are tired of dusting.

29. Puzzles and board games that are missing pieces.

30. Old remote controls.

31. Old prescription glasses.

32. Toiletry samples.

33. Toys your children have outgrown.

34. Broken objects you plan to fix.

35. Community newsletters.

36. Old receipts.

37. Loose paper.

38. Gift cards with no value. Toiletry samples.

39. Toys your children have outgrown.

40. Throw blankets you don’t love.

41. Mismatched gloves.

42. Mismatched socks.

43. Parcel collect cards.

44. Old guide books.

45. Finished puzzle books.

46. Out of date timetables.

47. Old party invites.

48. Digital music you never listen to.

49. Digital movies you never watch again.

50. Dead plants.

51. Old candles that cant be burnt again.

52. Old phone chargers.

53. Phone books.

54. Expired coupons.

55. Old keys.

56. Dried out pens and markers.

57. Duplicate office supplies.

58. Junk mail.

59. Worn out bras.

60. Pyjamas you never wear.

61. Worn bedding.

62. Clothes that don’t fit.

63. Belts.

64. Purses you don’t use.

65. Old pillows.

66. Worn towels.

67. Unused or broken hair ties.

68. Tablecloths, napkins, placemats etc that you never use!

69. Stale food.

70. Expired food.

71. Food that you just don’t like.

72. Spices that have been around for way too long.

73. Broken dishes.

74. Broken toys.

75. Excess artwork.

76. Old school bags.

77. Old school paperwork.

78. Old sponsor forms.

79. Theatre programmes.

80. Sports programme.

81. Clothing that has air-dried.

82. Old stuffed animals.

83. Kids shoes.

84. Dried up nail polish.

85. The lipstick you never did like the colour of. 

86. Multiple hairbrushes.

87. Old calendars.

88. Finished notebooks.

89. Out of date letters.

90. Take away menus.

91. Product guarantees for stuff you no longer have.

92. Save the date cards.

93. Broken objects you plan to fix.

94. Community newsletters.

95. Old receipts.

96. Loose paper.

97. Gift cards with no value.

Cheers for reading X 


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