Monday, 24 February 2020

Advantages of school uniform

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Thinking about school as we are coming up to the new academic year, it got me thinking about school uniform and why is it so important to have it. 

I think school uniform is an actual positive step towards a child's education and I am going to explore my reasons below.


Having a school uniform can teach children how to dress smart and take responsibility for the way they present themselves. 

This lesson will come in handy at a later date with regards to job interviews and the way that impressions count.

Equal playing field.

Allowing school uniform it gives the opportunity of being equal for everyone regardless of background because the children are all wearing the same clothing.

 This can reduce the change of a child is a target of a bully because of what they are wearing or not be having the latest trends.


Children wearing the same uniform means that the children don't have the anxiety about what they look like, they can, therefore, allowing them to concentration on focusing on their schoolwork and in turn will affect their overall performance.


School uniform is designed to distinguish which children go to which school by the design of the uniform they wear. 

Making children wear school uniform, therefore, brings a sense of togetherness with being in the same school as fellow pupils. 

This can bring feelings of pride for the school that the child attends. Children wearing a school uniform can give a sense of identity because it is something you can see can bring that sense of ownership and the fact that you belong with the same children in your class can help create a safe environment to work.

Morning routines.

The next point for why school uniform is a positive is that it brings a smoother morning for getting children ready for school. 

This is because the parents and children know what to wear so there isn't that doubt of what to wear that day, plus the child anxiety about trying to fit in as all children wear the same uniform.


School uniform encourages good disciple as it basically the school rules of what to and what not to wear. Therefore, you have to abide by the rules and follow what is expected off you. 

Making sure that you follow the school rules on the uniform gives that conformity and can put that mindset in place when the child is learning, by listening to and following the commands of teachers. 

This, in turn, gives can give a positive outcome on the child's performance with discipline and working well in the classroom. 

Having a school uniform so that everyone has the same in regards to clothing reduces the conflict that happens within the classroom because of all being the same there is less attraction for arguments. 

Furthermore, with children being in school uniform it reduces the risk of preventing children from forming gangs and the risk of bad behaviour.

What do you think about school uniform? love to hear your opinions.

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