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Monday, 2 August 2021

Why being a parent rocks!

Hey readers,

I am sure know by now that I am a parent of two boys who are 7 and 9. So I have a go at this whole parenting malarky for a bit and today I am going to focus on the positives and reasons why being a parent rocks!

Why being a parent rocks!

1. Recreates childhood joys.

A beautiful element of parenting is recreating the childhood joys that you had as a child. For me for example it is getting a Mr frosty ice maker. Watching my children have the same amount of fun I got from using it when I was a child. 

It could be playing paper, rock, and scissors and always makes me smile and think of me being a child. Another classic kind of thing would be to watch a cartoon that you watched a child and rewatch it with your own children such as The Chuckle Brothers and Futurama. 

2. Having children makes you a better person. 

When you have children you have to focus on your children's needs first and being less selfish. I also think having children makes me more understanding and emphatic. This is particularly true when I see others parents out and about having a rough time. 

I am not the most patient person but I definitely think it has made me more so when having children and having to give extra time to get ready and out the door. 

3. Adding sense of purpose.

I think as an adult it can be hard at times to find meaningful things in life. One thing is for sure once you have children there is a sense of purpose. 

Bringing up children to be responsible and independent is a big goal for parents because you want them to be good adult in later life. When they are young making sure they are cared for, fed, loved, and educated all helps in shaping them into the person they will become as an adult and this is a big priority as a parent to focus on.  

4. Excuse getting out of things.

This next point is definitely one of the best because you can literally get out of anything and blame the kids haha. It comes in very handy on the dark winter days when you want to stay at home and snuggle. 

5. Watching a miniature version of yourself.

I don't know whether watching a miniature version of yourself is a blessing or a curse, lol. Jokes aside when you see features in them that you have is lovely such as seeing my youngest enjoy reading books much like myself. 

6. Focus. 

Having children gives you more focus on what is really important. Happiness and memories are much more important than materialistic objects (though to some extend are important such as a roof over your head).  Watching children having fun and not be bothered about the big stuff just makes you realise what is important. 

7. Laughter.

One of the most beautiful sounds in the world is hearing children laugh and to have laughter in the home is a blessing. 

8. Unconditional love.

Once you have experienced unconditional love from your children then there is no other experience that can top that. To be accepted fully for who you are is something that should be cherished. 

What do you think of my list of reasons why parenting rocks? Have I missed any points of the list that you think are good reasons why parenting is good? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X
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Sunday, 1 August 2021

My Sunday Photo 01/08/2021

Last night me and hubby went on a date night and watched the funny comedian Milton Jones.

Darren Coleshill

Monday, 26 July 2021

You know it is half term holiday when...

Hey readers,

I have seen many associations with myself and other parents with children when it comes to half term. Here is the list of my favorites.

You know it is half term when...

1. Ice lollies. 

If it is sunny the ice lollies come out and are a lifesaver to keep kids cool. 

2. Bedtime.

What bedtime you say, we all need a break the rules it is a holiday, and definitely bet that bedtime routine after a week off for summer has gone truely out of the window ;).

3. Extra time.

At the beginning of the holiday, it is so lovely having the kids off and spending extra time with them. Then at the end of the week, I need a break up the kids from all the stopping about or the bickering between them. Let's also not forget about the hell of boredom kicking in and constantly asking what can I do? Then you give them suggestions and there like NO!!! I give up! According to The Sun kids after days into the 6 week holiday are already complaining of boredom!

4. Shopping.

You need to add a couple more hours to do your shopping trip. Not only for your children but also all the other children clogging up the Isles ;). Not to mention like Manchester Evening News when highlighting the stages of shopping with kids the endless times have to hunt down the toilets for little bladders. 

5. Money. 

You are guaranteed to spend more money on shite that you don't need and to add more clutter to your home. We Buy Books has a fab post on how to save money during the 6 week summer holiday. 

6. Getting anywhere. 

Every day is becoming a bigger mission to walk around your home because of all the toys everywhere.

7. Free places. 

You have explored every free art gallery in your area. The beauty of these places is that it's free and your skint from buying all the state that you don't need. Not to mention that indoors which is always won especially with the unpredictable weather of the UK!

8. Cinema.

 You have been to the cinema at least once as it's pouring again and you need to get away from one set of walls to go and be in another. What is better than being in a busy room full of kiddies on a sugar rush, Whoop!

9. Youtube. 

Yet again your days are filled with Gamers playing videos on youtube and your there wo0ndering why you bothered to get toys when they prefer to watch others play.

10. Programmes. 

 You go cold turkey with adult shows because you can't hear them with the sound of your little cherries arguing over a £1 water bucket.

Happy days and hope you had fun this half term. Is there anything I have missed or any signs you know when it is the summer holidays? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 25 July 2021

My Sunday photo 25/07/2021

Monday, 19 July 2021

A to Z of parenting

Hey readers,

Parenting invokes all times of emotions and ideas. So I thought it would be fun to do a blog post of A to Z of all things parent-related.

A to Z of parenting

A - arguments because the changes of arguments are high whether it be a disagreement with your partner or your child giving you check it happens, it's normal and sometimes it is good to have an argument to clear the air. 

B - besotted with your baby when it is born and being mesmerised with how you have created this small creature.
C - chores are forever there with children it just stops cleaning, even if you do now and again go on a strike it will be there. The list will never end so do what you can don't stress about it. 

D - Discipline - because it is really important to teach your child right from wrong. It will help them be a good person and also making parenting so much easier. 

E-education is so important in our lives because it is where we get knowledge and learn vital skills such as reading, forming opinions, and reasoning to name a few. 

F - fathers - because they are part of the deal of parenting. 

G - google - thank goodness at times to find helpful information for example I learned how to clean milk bottles (trust me I needed several times to master this skill). So, Google helps me and gives me confidence in learning knowing that some answers are available. 

H - homework - My kids are currently at primary school and do homework and I hate it. Sadly, it starts at reception and finishes right at the end. Hopefully, as my kids get older it will be less of a chore as I need to motivate them as not kids want to comply. 

I - imagination - Kids love this stuff, me not so much. 

J - jokes are so important to help manage life parenthood. You need some lightheartedness to help get through them bleak periods. 

K kindness - sometimes we can be really heard about ourselves as parents because we want to do the best for our children. But you also need to give yourself some slack and be kind because that too will impact parenting in the long run.  

L - laughs- nothing is as cute as hearing kids have innocent fits of laughter. 

M- mothers - the other part of the parenting world. 

N - no - is the most overused words when being a parent. 

O - opinions are raff everywhere you will find them. Whether it is family members, other parents, and the odd moaning cow at the bus stop looking down at you. You have to learn to go with what feels right for you and sometimes you seek advice that is fine but when it comes down to the unsolicited variety just take it with a pinch of salt, you can't please everyone. 

P - parenting welcome along, it is a long journey and I don't think it will ever end until you die I think. 

Q - quiet  - these times you appreciate and savor like never before. 

R - routine - some enjoy like myself find comfort in having some sort of control and it helps children as well to feel settled.

S - shouting - you will shout at times, you feel crap after however sometimes you little darlin's just don't listen.

T - tears - whether it is from you worrying about your child, them crying over something dear to them, or being overtired there be many tears shed. 

U - unpredictability - just when you think you have this parenting lark sussed something comes along and tests you out. 

V - volume because especially when kids go to school it seems they get louder when they come home even though they stand right next to your eardrum and shout. I have lost count on how many times I have to say quiet or use your indoor voice. 

W - worn out - this is often a feeling, especially during the earlier years. 

X - xylophone - why did you think was a good idea to get this musical instrument for your child to smash the crap out of it. 

Y - you - because you count as well and do something for you that you enjoy. 

Z - zombie - the times when you become a parent and you lose so much sleep you are walking around like a zombie. 

Cheers for reading X

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Sunday, 18 July 2021

My Sunday photo 18/07/2021

My Sunday photo 18/07/2021

Darren Coleshill

Monday, 5 July 2021

7 reasons why I hate the school run.

Hey readers,

I hate the school run, it is a pain the ass. Let me tell you the reasons why below. 

7 reasons why I hate the school run

1.The weather.

Let's face it going to pick or drop off your little darlings when it is absolutely pissing it down or raging hot is always fun said no parent ever! Your either blinded by the blazing sun or getting drowned as a rat is often the case. Then you left either sweating or soaked through and cold. 

2. People parking like morans. 

When your trying to walk to school with the kids and the bloody cars are parked on the pavement taking up most of the path so it is extremely difficult to get around when there are also other people going in the opposite direction. Not to mention when cars park in bus lanes because they can't be arsed to make the effort to walk less than probably 5 minutes away from their home or park further away in a suitable spot because it is so lazy. 

3. Kids on scooters and bikes. 

Trying to just get your kids to school is a ball ache but then you have other obstacles to deal with like maneuvering around other children who are on bikes or scooters is fun as sometimes let's just say they are not good in a straight line and it may be a cause of having to jump out of the frigging way in order to be knocked down with everyone staring at you.

4.  Getting out of the door.

Sometimes the hardest part of the school run is the actual getting out of the front door. Kids will forget something, take their time putting on their shoes, or most like mess about with their siblings so they forget that they have a short time to get out of the door and to school. Other than bedtime this time is when they go into a sloth mood and no other time will you will see your child slow right down, sod's law I guess. 

5. Dog poo.

Where I live in an urban area and quite a few people in the neighborhood have dogs which means DOG POO. Quite often owners of dogs where I live haven't got the memo that you need to pick up the poo after the dogs had a shit. Therefore not only are you trying to avoid other children on scooters/bikes your also trying to maneuver around the dog poo. There is nothing more annoying than having dog poo on your show and trying to rub the dame thing off on the grass. 

6. Realising you have forgotten something your child needs. 

There are no many things happening and if your late because you have accidentally *ahem* tapped too many times on the snooze button of the alarm and therefore resemble a headless chicken then chances are you will end up forgetting a form, pe kit, etc. You most definitely have to go back a second trip to take the wanted item in.

7 I look like crap. 

waking up early in the morning, trying to get kids ready for school you forget or don't have the time to get yourself ready especially by the end of the week where you knackered and motivation to do their bare minimum is low so you end up looking like crap but it's ok as your not the only parent at there to crap ;)

Do you resonate with how I feel about the school run? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X


Sunday, 4 July 2021

My Sunday Photo 04/07/2021

My youngest happy reading his book from the library that he chose :)

Darren Coleshill

Sunday, 27 June 2021

My Sunday Photo 27/06/2021

My Sunday Photo 27/06/2021

My boys earned a green-blue peter badge this week from cubs and beavers :)

Darren Coleshill

Sunday, 20 June 2021

My Sunday Photo 20/06/2021

My Sunday Photo 20/06/2021

Happy Father's day to the best daddy in the world my boys could ask for :)

Darren Coleshill