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Saturday, 7 December 2019

The Snowman Live 2019 at Coventry Cathedral 2019 **AD**

Hey readers,

On Saturday (07/12/2019) I and my family went to see The Snowman with a live orchestra at Coventry Cathedral. 

Which of course is shown in the beautiful new Coventry Cathedral. As a parent is important to point out that there are toilets in the cathedral. 

 Last year was a sell-out for The Snowman film and live orchestra that they have returned this year for more magical performances to get you in a festive mood. 

Carrot Productions who are the creators of The Snowman live have done over 200 live shows across the country in some of the finest cathedrals and venues. The orchestra comprises musicians drawn from the UK’s top orchestras.

The show lasts for an hour and I originally thought that seemed a bit short but actually it was a good length for young children. 

There was plenty of seats for everyone and it is disabled friendly.

Also, the screen is big so everyone in the audience can see the film plus the added extras such as Father Christmas message. 

At the front of the cathedral was the live orchestra so the children get to see the musicians play an array of instruments which is an experience in its self to hear live music. 

I and my son are autistic so were conscious that it might be noisy with a live orchestra so we came prepared with ear defenders.

 However, though the music is loud it is not in the style of music which was soft. I found the music relaxing to listen to. My son who normally struggles with noise sat through the whole of the performance with no problems. 

Santa made an appearance on the big screen. 
 A popular feature was seeing the snowman walk up and down the isles and it was enough to get all the children excited. The atmosphere was relaxed which was a rather lovely and enjoyable experience. 

There was a short piece on the display screen explaining what the different instruments were being played in the orchestra.

 A really good informative piece as they explained the instrument and then played a little of that instrument to make it identifiable. 

Alongside the snowman segments, there was a short story about a donkey and his experience of becoming a dancer with the orchestra playing music. 

Of course, closer to the end was the classic film The Snowman shown on the big screen. Also, was the live orchestra and a singer who sang the classic hit from the film, Walking in the Air gave a lovely festive feel to it.

 It really did get you in the mood for Christmas and overall most children in the cathedral were quietly watching the film so it went down well.

It was fab to do something a bit different for Christmas with my boys that was a calming activity. I definitely recommend it for all that enjoy The Snowman and live orchestra music.

There are still more live performances for The Snowman film with a live orchestra and if you are interested in seeing this performance you can find more information here. The cost of the tickets starts from £11 upwards depending on where you are seated. 

However, children aged 18 months and under will be admitted for free if seated on a parent's knee, with the hope that you will be considerate to other audience members and take your child out of the performance temporarily if they are crying or disturbing others.

Cheers for reading X 

This is an AD for The Snowman live performance. I have been kindly gifted the tickets in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

Sunday, 30 December 2018

My Sunday Photo 30/12/2018

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Christmas Gift Guide Part 2 2018 *AD*

Hey readers,

I am sure we all know that Christmas is less than 5 weeks away, eek. So here are some items that I liked that would make great Christmas presents this year.

First I have this beautiful solar system bracelet. It has all the solar systems on the bracelet and thinks it is amazing. It is hand made from Leviko Designs and you can buy the item on her Etsy store.

 This is a lovely gift if you’re looking to give something a bit unusual for someone who is into science.
 I like the fact it is handmade and made on order, just makes it feel that bit more special. When receiving the bracelet it came in a beautiful box. The bracelet was tied to ribbon inside of the box to make it secure.
christmas update



The solar system beads themselves are matte labradorite for Mercury, picture jasper for Venus, chrysocolla for Earth, matte red jasper for Mars, tiger's eye stone for Jupiter, coffee striped agate with a silver-tone bead frame for Saturn, and blue striped agate for Uranus and Neptune.

The beads themselves are volcanic lava beads and semi-precious gemstones. It has a silver clasp to secure the bracelet around the wrist so it is safe and secure to wear about. It would give character to your outfit and is a unisex item that could be suitable for anyone looking for something a bit different.

I am a lover of books and luckily so are my boys so the next item is right up their street with the adaption of Tim Burton’s classic A Nightmare before Christmas. 

It is a 48-page book and it is a story about Jack Skellington's adventure when he stumbles into Christmas and how he has taken it upon himself to replace Santa. However, this does not go well and all hell breaks loose. A very good story to keep you on edge.

the nightmare before christmas edit


It is a story that is engaging and full of rhythm to keep children wanting to carry on reading right till the end. Both my boys love reading books with a slight dark edge to them. Of course, not only children will like this story but adults too would love to receive this item if they are a fan of Disney or Tim Burton's film.

That is why is this personalised Nightmare before Christmas book is perfect as it is beautifully illustrated.

 You can get the book from The Gift Experience. The books come in a box to make it super special and you can also get names placed on the book to give it that personal touch - not only that each page has the name at the top.

The book is black-bound and with gold writing to make it feel luxurious. The book also comes in a Disney Timeless gift box making it a beautifully designed item to give someone special at Christmas.

Another beautiful book is The Christmas Next door by T.A. Creaser. If you are doing Christmas Eve boxes then this would make an excellent book choice for your child. You can buy the book here by Owlet press.


The story tells an important message about consumerism and that it is important to share time with loved ones and being nice to one another. 

Sometimes, you can't always get what you want or something goes wrong. Such as the oven breaking down, which happened in this story and though it is hard taking the good things can make you still enjoy the time together.

At the end of the day happy memories are more valuable than whether you have received the latest gadgets. It really is a beautiful story that brings home a happy and positive message. 

There is also a side story regarding the loss of grandad's wife and it talks about feels with death and I feel it is done in a very sensitive way for young children.


It is a good way to help discuss the loss to children and my son really was engaged and wanted to know more regarding Grandad why he felt sadness and how he moved forward with the grief of losing a special person in his life.

Cheers for reading X

This is an advertisement feature. I was given all the items in the post for free in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Alternative Christmas present guide (2018) **AD**

Hey readers,

This guide is to help people who don't want something traditional but a little bit different to get excited about this Christmas.

DNA testing Kit.

I will kick off with this interesting idea called Find my past DNA sampling kit. If someone that you know is interested in learning about your past history and relatives then this is the present for them.

It is basically you will receive a kit that includes activation code to set up an online account and this will be where you find out about your results. In the kit that will be sent directly via post in a box and inside, there is a testing kit. 

You can't drink for one hour after that time you swipe your mouth with the swab around anti-clockwise for about 45 seconds giving that enough time to collect some check cells. This then gets closed up ceiled in a bag and then you place it into the prepaid envelope to get your details tested.

Once the test sample is received you will be given details on your online account about information about past relatives, where they are from, what parts of the country they are from. Great if you want to find more about your family tree.

 Really simple to do and clear instructions on each step. The kits themselves are dispatched between 5-7 working days.

IMG_1431 What the sampling kit looks like when received in the post.

dna sample 1 Inside the kit instructions, sealed envelope, swab, and pre-paid envelope.

IMG_1444 Taking a swab of my inside cell checks to send off to get tested.
pre paid envelope This is what the sealed envelope looks like.

Mystery box.

Mystery Boxes
Next on the list is the very popular trend that has occurred on Youtube and that is a mystery box.

 You get to send a box of random items through on Firebox you can select the kind of items you want such as gadget, unusual, foodie etc. 

It is great fun because there is that thrill of not knowing what to expect and opening up is a big surprise. It can either go two ways - really amazing stuff or absolutely pants. But hey the surprise and not knowing is what it is about.

Frefall Abseil at The ArcelorMittal Orbit.

This idea is for the person in your life who is an adrenaline junkie and gets their kicks out of risking their own life. I present you freefall abseil at the ArcelorMittal Orbit in London. You can buy this experience from Red Letter Days

You can't say this is not unique. What it comprises of abseiling down the tallest sculpture in the United Kingdom. It is located in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and showcases a stunning 115 metres in height. You can see iconic places such as the London Olympics. 

It is also a freefall abseil. Ascend to a platform on 80 metres up and take in the sky-high views of London. whilst being attached to the specially-designed safety system by expert Wire and Sky staff.

 Then take a deep breath, lean back and abseil down without touching anything until the ground is reached. Relish the scary yet exhilarating feeling of being mid-air and marvel at views of the Gherkin, St. Paul's, the O2 Arena and more on the way down. The duration of the experience lasts for two hours of pure excitement.

Cheers for reading X

This is an advertisement feature. I was given a Living DNA kit for free in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Seeing Santa at Coventry Transport museum.

Hey readers,

On Saturday I took both my boys to see the big man (Santa) locally to where we live. The Santa's grotto is held in Coventry Transport Museum which is in a perfect location to travel to as it is in the city centre - so very well easy to get to if you live locally or want to come and visit Coventry.


Going to visit is not like any other typical Santa's grotto - oh no you start of entering the room full of Christmas decorations, twinkly lights and Christmas songs blasting out of the speakers. It is great visual festive decor to get you feeling reading for Christmas.

Once you have gone through the line to the reception at the front you pay for tickets at the desk. You then depending on who is before you go through the door where you go take a seat on the sleigh.


The price of tickets and times. 

• The Santa vintage sleigh ride is open right up to Sunday 23 December. However, I would recommend going early as it gets very popular closer to Christmas and you could be waiting a long time in the queues.

• Monday - Friday - 11am till 5pm (last ride 4:30pm).

• Weekends - 9 am till 5 pm (Lat right at 4:30 pm).

• Children £6 / accompanying adult (up to three adults per child) £1.50. Entry fee includes a gift per child.

• Adult £5 (Individuals or where groups of adults exceed the three adults per child limit).

The sleigh is a mechanical moving transporter - it has a beautiful decoration with reindeers at the front, sparkling twinkly lights on the ceiling and Christmas decorations with tinsel etc. 

It is dark so bear that in mind but you can see with the low lights and the violet lighting that glows the reindeers of nicely.

Once you have reached the North Pole, takes approximately maybe three or four minutes. The sleigh door is open at the back for you and your family to step out into the festive corridor. You probably have to wait may a couple of minutes. That is ok as they have activities such as finding the words in the word search on the chalk walk. Plenty of things to see whilst waiting to meet Father Christmas.

When it is your turn you hand your ticket to the Elf and then you can go into the room to see Santa. Bear in mind it will be just family that are in the room with Elf and Santa and it is private as the door frame has a fabric sheet that closes you off t others. Therefore, if you do have a shy child then they only have to worry about Santa.


Now Santa is sitting on the chair waiting to hear about whether your child has been good this year. He is very friendly and makes you feel welcome. Both my boys were fine talking to him and Santa asked the odd question such as whether you are going to leave a mince pie out on Christmas Eve. 

Then they give out a present to each child which is wrapped in a bag so they have fun with the surprise of guesses what they get. The presents are what you can Santa grotto will have, both my boys received a dinosaur which is good because then there is no squabbling about the other one getting something different.


The meeting lasted a max of 5 minutes. We were then lead over to the exit door by the Elf which takes you back to the beginning in the waiting area. You just go out to the door on the right and you are right back at Coventry Transport museum entrance. So, there is no panics about getting lost if you are unfamiliar with where you are going.

Overall, it is a good experience as you get the sleigh ride as well. I am quite attached to it personally because I did the same thing as a child bar the fact that Santa grotto was in a completely different location.


It is a lovely festive treat if you're into that then do go check it out.

Cheers for reading X