Friday 29 April 2022

70 ways to distract yourself from anxiety.

Hey readers, 

Now sometimes using distractions as a tool to help reduce anxiety can be of benefit because you are not focusing on anxiety. The fewer thoughts you give to anxiety the less change of the anxiety manifesting and getting which could lead to a bad place. 

70 ways to distract yourself from anxiety.

Distractions are a great way to not only reduce anxiety but also give back the sense of control over the thoughts. I have been in these situations as anxiety suffers I know firsthand that they can work and be of real benefit in times of need when anxiety feels like it is taking over.

Of course, it must be noted that distractions are only a temporary solution nevertheless can be of benefit because it gives you a break from being in that constant anxiety state. It allows you to pause and it can make the anxiety when it returns a lot less intense so much more manageable. 

Below I have a list of 70 distraction techniques that you can take away and practice when needed.

1. Watch a tv show.

2. Watch a movie.
3. Sing your heart out.

4. Watch a Youtube video.

5. watch TikTok videos. 

6. Grab a snack.

7. Mindful doodling.

8. Play a game.

9. Clean.

10. Listen to music.

11. Wash your face or hands. 

12. Gratitude list.

13. Exercise.
14. go out for a walk 

15. Listen to a podcast.

16. Listen to an audiobook.
17. Untangle the necklaces or leads you to have to lie in the drawn. 

18. Sell stuff on eBay. 

19. Take photographs. 

20. Do some cooking. 

21. Play with a fidget tool. 

22. Name all the colours in the room. 

23. Create a mantra if you don't have one and repeat it to yourself, e.g. "I can do this", "This too shall pass". Literally, spell it out if repeating is not enough. 

24.  Think of a common task and go through it step-by-step. Imagine you're explaining the process to someone else. 

25. Mow the lawn. 

26. Make a budget. 

27. Meal plan. 

28. Create an emergency fund. 

29. Unsubscribe to any unwanted emails. 

30. Clean out your emails. 

31. Watch a Ted Talk.

32. Observe something and describe it in extreme detail. Notice how it looks, its pattern, texture, and how it feels. For example, you could say it is a green apple with two small bruises.

33. Practice mindfulness.

34. Journal. 

35. Colour in. 

36. Make a video. 

37. Make lists (to read, to watch, to do, to listen, to play...).

38.  Do the laundry. 

39. Rank things (top 1o movies, best cuisines, top 5 musical artists...).

40. Make music playlists for different occasions (songs to dance to, relaxing music, music to listen to whilst reading...).

41.  Discuss what you watched, read, or played with someone. 

42. Browse social media. 

43. Look at memes.

44. Dance.

45. Start a collection (stickers, memes, leaves...).

46. Make memes. 

47. Write a positive review for something you enjoyed. 

48. Learn about a culture. 

49. Explore Wikipedia. 

50. Warch a foreign film or drama. 

51. Read a graphic novel or comics. 

52. Make a bucket list. 

53. Create a game. 

54. Make a bucket list. 

55. Observe wildlife. 

56. Take a virtual tour. 

57. Attend a virtual concert. 

58. Travel the world using Goggle Earth. 

59. Read some jokes. 

60. Read articles on things you're interested in. 

61. Take silly quizzes online. 

62. Do a jigsaw puzzle.

63. Play scrabble. 

64. Volunteer.

65. Make a gift or care package for someone. 

66. Do nail art. 

67. Redecocrate something. 

68. Plant something. 

69. Try a new recipe. 

70. Make a stop motion animation. 

What do you think of my list of distractions to help when feeling anxious? Have I missed any good ones that work for you? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X



  1. Good list, something for everyone! Never really thought about it, but #30 would be great for this. And I just happen to need to clean out my emails! #pocolo

  2. Fab ideas and a great list. I have always found that something which gets me moving distracts me.

  3. Totally agree with the excercise idea#dreamteam

  4. This is a great list! I particularly like the idea of spelling out a mantra if repeating it is not enough.

  5. Oh, visiting from #dreamteam

  6. Getting outside and colouring in (not always at the same time) are good for me - fab list, thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

  7. Great distraction ideas, there really is something for everyone! Thanks for linking up with the #DreamTeam linky

  8. Wow, so many fab ideas to distract yourself with. I completely agree that there's something in the power of distraction which leads to reducing anxiety briefly. Sometimes that's all we need in the moment to help us regain control over feelings. Thank you for joining us for the #DreamTeam x