Monday, 27 September 2021

Floating hand punch for Halloween recipe

Hey readers, 

Looking for a show stopper for Halloween then you need to make these floating hand punch.

Floating hand punch for Halloween

What you will need. 

2 plastic latex gloves. 
 Fruit punch.


 Small tray. 

How to make the floating hands. 

1. Turn the gloved inside out and wash with hot water to get rid of the powder residue. 

2. Fill the rubber gloves with water and then tip them at the top. 

3. Place inside the freezer making sure that fingers rest on something so they won't bend or get broken off. 

4. Make sure that there are no gaps of air between the fingers and palm as fingers won't be attached. 

5. It could take a few hours so might be best to leave overnight so the hand becomes solid in ice. 

6. Get a small tray pour in some fruit punch, fill, it up high, and then put in some raspberries. 

7.  Once the hand is frozen solid cut away the glove carefully with scissors and remove it away from the ice hand. 

8. Place the hands in the tray and there you have a creepy ice hand perfect for the Halloween celebrations. 

Floating hand punch for Halloween

Happy Halloween.

Cheers for reading X


  1. Ohh! This is a bit of fun. What a great idea x

  2. That's very spooky looking, what a great Halloween decoration.

  3. the creepy hands are perfect for a party #MMBC

  4. I'd never thought of making ice in gloves to make creepy hands. What a fun idea for Halloween. #MMBC