Monday, 30 August 2021

How to deal with siblings squabbling.

Hey readers,

As a parent with two children, the constant squabbling at times between my boys can be really frustrating as a parent. At times you feel at a lost end that being said there are some methods that I think can help reduce the amount of sibling squabbling. Check out my ideas down below. 

How to deal with siblings squabbling.

1.  Make your kids feel important. 

It is important that each child gets to feel important. Make sure your child is being listened to and given attention. A good activity is to listen to your child listen or go somewhere quiet to have time on their own to talk about how they feel. Also, remind them that they are important to you. 

2. Focus on each child's needs. 

Making sure that your child's needs are met, a simple way to do this is by asking them what they need? It also gives them a chance to talk to you and to feel like they have been heard. If they want to do something in particular whether that is playing a game, going to a park, or even having certain toys in the bath. Make an agreement to do this so they get their special time and that helps reduce conflict as they are getting their needs meet even if it is something simple, it could mean the world to them. 

3. team work - together in the same team. 

Getting your children to work together in the same team so they can work together and know that they are on the same side. It could be playing a game on a console where they are competing against the parents so they can work together, It helps bring tensions down and have time together to have fun. 

4.  Hold hands.

This is a very effective method to stop siblings squabbling is to make your children sit on a sofa and hold hands, it didn't last long but they ended up laughing and breaking up the tension. Therefore when they next start arguing telling them they have to hold hands sure as hell cuts the arguing and they stop and so sort out the issue. 

5. Separate them. 

Sometimes it can work where you get them together other times for whatever reason it could be bothered overly tired at the end of the week you simply have to separate them and let them do their own thing. It helps defuse the situation and sometimes they just want some alone time especially if they are uber tired. 

6. Outside. 

I live in a flat on the 16th floor and though I am lucky to have quite a big balcony sometimes we just need to get out of the home and get some fresh air. My kids often especially at the weekend find burning off some of that used energy outside helpful, even if it is just scooting around the block. It breaks up the day and a change of scenery does everyone good. I always find that when I do this when getting home kids are much calmer and everyone is happier. 

Are there any methods that I have missed from the list that you have found beneficial in stopping siblings from squabbling? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

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  1. An excellent list! I love the hand holding idea :)

  2. I thought my two would grow out of the squabbling as they got older but no, they just find new things to bicker about.
    Great advice. I have found separating them works the best for my girls. Then they get over and forget what they were squabbling about.

  3. These are great ideas for helping with sibling squabbles. I quite like the hand holding one - I've not tried that particular technique before. Getting outside often works well for us as does separating. #MMBC

  4. Brilliant ideas! Getting outside works for us too. I do love the idea of holding hands though. x