Friday, 27 August 2021

A to Z of children's activities.

Hey readers,

Below I have the ultimate A to Z guide on all things children's activities related, so scroll down and feast your eyes on some fun activities. 

A to Z of children's activities.

 A - arts and crafts.

B - bubbles.

C - cook.

D - dancing. 

E - exercise.

F - make forts.

G - walk on grass with your bare feet and feel the earth. 

H - help around the home.

I - freeze toys in water ice cubes.

J - jigsaws.

K - kids bored games.
L - lego challenge.
M - movie night.

N - nighttime glowing sensory bottles.

O - obstacle course.

P - playdoh.

Q - quiz.

R - reading. 

S - slime.

T - play tag in the park. 

U when it is raining go for a walk with an umbrella.

V - vegetable prints. 

W - write a story.

X - do a poem about items beginning with x.

Y - yoga.

Z - make zig-zag art with washi tape.

Cheers for reading X

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  1. Fab ideas but I do like H for help around the home. hehehe

  2. I have to agree with Kim. Thanks for sharing this with #pocolo

  3. What a great list, as a former child minder I have done most of the things you mention#kcacols@_karendennis

  4. Love this list, but I'll be honest, slime is not a favourite of mine :) .... Too many mishaps in my house! Just the thought of cleaning it up gives me all the feels... #KCACOLS

  5. I love your list, and love the unique points like going for a walk in the rain under an unbrella, that's the kind of things that can be fun! I'd totally bomb at the x poem though lol Thanks so much for joining us at #KCACOLS xx

  6. Just in time for yet another lockdwon school holidays...#KCACOLS

  7. I wondered what X was going to be - good one I think! #kcacols

  8. Very clever activity for X- let the kids work out what begins with X lol. Some great ideas, love the idea of freezing toys in water- a bit like a homemade version of those dinosaur egg digs you can get. Clever.

    Katrina x

  9. What a great list of activities. Although slime is my worst kids activity despite their love if it. I hate the mess. #kcacols