Friday, 28 May 2021

Why education is important

Hey readers,

 I have two children currently in primary school it got me thinking about education and why it is so important for children. 

So what does education actually mean?

In the Cambridge directory, it is defined as the process of teaching or learning in a school, or the knowledge that you get from a high school/college education.

why education is important

What are the reasons why education is important?
1. Dreams and ambitions.

Having the opportunity to have an education gives you a chance to learn and through that, you can work out what you like and do not. This in turn helps provides dreams of where you want to go. For example, if you want to go into engineering then you would have the ambitions to work hard in the areas needed to be an engineer. Also, if you have a goal of where you want to go it will provide motivation for keeping to reach the desire you want.

2. Confidence.

Knowledge is power and this can through education help you feel more confident with knowing things that will help you out in life such as working out an equation or reading a book to further your education. 

3. Money.

Let's face it we all need some money to survive by paying for things like a roof over your head or food in your belly. Getting an education will help put you on the ladder to get a drop or further your career for a further drop that has a good salary. 

4. Equality.

You are lucky if you live in the UK as everyone regardless of background is entitled to free education. This makes it much fairer given everyone the opportunity to learn and grow without being held back because of their background. It means it is fairer for all and allows everyone the same opportunities to get in life such as a top job. 

5 Stop you being fooled.

Having an education allows you to have knowledge which means less likely to be a target of someone exploiting you. Being in the UK means that we have certain rights and freedoms. Having an education means you learn to write and read and therefore less likely to be fooled into signing a document that you cant read which could result in you being trapped into some sort of agreement you can't get out of. 

6.  Provides stability.

Having an education is something that no one can take away from you. Having a good education especially if you a degree means that you are more likely to get a successful job. This, therefore, provides stability as you have a secure job, get money in your bank and have a comfortable life. 

What do you think about education? Do you agree or not with my points about education? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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  1. As a former teacher (now retired) I have to agree with everything you wrote - education IS important!

  2. Education is the key that unlocks so many doors!

  3. I'm a homeschooling mom in the US. I absolutely agree with your first point! I educate with the intent to expose my children to several areas of learning so that they can start to sort out their natural talents, interests, and goals.

    While some of your other point are focused on societal, systemic schooling more than education (homeschoolers often make that distinction), I agree that reading is a fundamental skill. Once one can read, one can learn anything their heart desires!

    I want my children to love learning, as such I expose them to much, but also let them run with what they want to learn more than try to make them care about things they don't. That would be the systemic difference. I greatly dislike that our countries' similar view of schooling requires pieces of paper showing that one can pass a test about information that one may or may not care about in order to advance on toward a career.

    I would like very much to see apprenticeship return as a dominant path for career rather than having to complete learning goals that have been chosen by government. The generalized collectivist nature of that systemic schooling often results in an epic waste of time for several individuals and creates stigma around those who don't fit in the prescribed box which the problematic aspect of your point about "equality".

    So, I agree in some respects, but respectfully disagree in others.

    Coming to you from the #PoCoLo link up!

  4. I agree there is so much more to education than just reading and writing.
    Thanks for linking with #pocolo and hope to see you back soon.

  5. Yep. Great post. There is so much more to education that marks. #MischiefandMemories

  6. We are so lucky in the UK to have such equal access to education and so many opportunities to expand our education beyond the basic we're provided. I love to learn in an academic sense and I think it's something I'll enjoy doing all my life.

    Katrina x

  7. I completely agree too. Having an education is priceless. We really are lucky to have access to the education we do in the UK. Thank you for joining us for #mischiefandmemories xx

  8. Education should be balanced and gives learners the opportunities to make informed choioces in their future lives. I work in a school and it is wonderful to see children engaging with knowledge. Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories