Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Never Alone by Elizabeth Haynes (book review)

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Today I am going to do a book review of Never Alone by Elizabeth Haynes. It is an adult thriller fiction book.

Never Alone by Elizabeth Haynes
The main plot is about a woman called Sarah who was married to Jim but he died in a car crash.
Sarah is struggling with debt in her home up in the Yorkshire Dales. She had a visit from a university friend of Sarah and Jim’s called Aiden. 

He needs a place to stay and Sarah offers him a room her home. He insists on paying rent which is an incentive as she really needs the money and the fact that she is struggling with loneliness.
Sarah and Aiden get friendly and after getting close after a night out at the local pub and the end of the night having sex together.
Over time feelings between Sarah and Aiden grow for each other.
There is one problem with the situation between Sarah and Aiden is that everyone other than Sarah knows that Aiden is a masseur and provides organisms for women as a job.
They have fallen out and it progresses that it is purely a job for him. He has been honest with every question Sarah says. However, over time Sarah accepts this and trusts him.
There is another friend called Sophie who is having relationship problems with her husband and gets to know a friend of Sarah's called Will.
Sophie and Will have a fling but Sophie wants to continue it further. However, this point will I'd obsessed.
He gets threatening towards Sarah because she had a one night stand a whole back causing him to blackmail Sarah.
Sarah has two older children called Louis and Kitty. Kitty is at university and comes to stay over the holidays at Sarah's.
Louis has fallen out with his mum due to his dad's death, blaming Sarah for not driving when the night his dad died.
Sophie at this point has told George about will and his obsessive behaviour. He tells her to vanish for a while to try and make it cool down. However, this only leads the will to lead on to darker plans.
I won't spoil the ending but with the weather turning for the worst with heavy snow and we find out the lengths people will go for the one they get attached too.
I loved Elizabeth Haynes previous work and so naturally was delighted to see another title that I had not read yet. I found the book a real page-turner and engaging. I like the fact that it wasn’t dragged out but there was enough balance for the beginning, middle and end section. Definitely worth a read if you enjoy a good thriller that keeps you guessing.
I give it 5 stars out of five.
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