Monday, 1 June 2020

8 ways to help your child sleep during a heatwave

Hey readers,

We are in the midst of a heatwave and it so hot in the evenings. It can be a real struggle for kids to settle and get to sleep. 

There is nothing worse than a miserable child that has not had a good night sleep. There are ways to help cool your child and make it a more of a breeze to settle them for the night.

Below I have come up with some suggestions to help keep kids cool and to sleep at night during a heatwave.

1. Clothing. 

Get rid of all the layers and just have pants or nappies - whatever is appropriate for the age of the child.

2. Bedding. 

Make sure you use the right bedding - either a light tog quilt or what I do with my boys simply uses a thin sheet. They enjoy the comfort but the sheet won't be heavy to make them, even more, hot then they need to be.

3. Bath.

Giving a cold lukewarm shower or bath before bed can help reduce temperature but it is important to make the time in the shower or bath quick because you don't want them to get too cold. I have found that covering your child in talc is a good way to keep the child cool.

4. Blinds. 

I find blackout blinds brilliant at keeping the light out as we are now getting dark nights a lot later. 

With having the windows open before bedtime can keep the room cool and if you can keeping them open during the night helps keep the temperature low. 

5. Fan.

Also, if your child is not distracted by the noise then it might be worth considering a fan to add that extra coolness in the room. 

During the day you can also keep the whole of your home ventilated by having doors and windows open to keep the air following and making the rooms cool. 

Another trick to keep rooms cool is to have the curtains pulled two thirds away to keep that sun from making the room boiling hot.

6. Thermometer. 

If you are like me having a temperature thermometer that accurately measures the room temperature is useful as it gives me that peace of mind to know I can get the room right.

7. Drink. 

Before putting your child to bed a good suggestion is swapping the usual hot milky drink that they have before bed and swapping it for a cold milk drink. 

This way then they will help keep your child's body temperature cool. In addition, you could consider putting the bottle or cup into the fridge to keep it at a cool temperature.

8. Chillout. 

It is important to keep the child calm before bed because if they get too excitable that can also increase the child's temperature.

 Making sure you do activities that are calming for the child such as watching a relaxing tv show, having some quiet time and reading a book can all help keep things calm and settled.

What things help you keep your child cool during the night of a heatwave? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Thank you for reading. X


  1. My two have been pretty good at sleeping in this heat but they have been staying up later than usual with not having to rush to school. I'm the one who's been struggling to sleep with it being too hot. Great advice x