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Friday, 13 September 2019

Autumn date ideas that don't break the bank. **AD**

Hey readers,

Whether you're in a relationship or single we can all admit that autumn is a time to get cosy and spend it with someone you enjoy the company with. 

Running up to Christmas maybe you feel you have to tread cautiously with regarding money and not overspending. 

That does not mean to say you can't have any fun with someone and don't even have to break the bank. 

Below I have written some date ideas that may give you some inspiration on how to have low-cost dates that have lots of fun. 

Film night. 

Get cozy at home, turn down the lights and get the throws out, close the curtains and feel safe in the warm when it is cold and dark outside.

 There is plenty of films on during the autumn months so what better way to spend an evening with someone. 


If your into cooking or baking a fun thing to do is make something together in the kitchen. It creates a relaxed environment and less focus on you and more on the cooking which makes it much more fun. 


If you are in the singles market and want to have naughty fun with like-minded people then check out  

You can grab a date with no anxiety about putting an impression on because it is all about living in the moment and enjoying yourself with someone with similar needs to you. 

Pumpkin Carving.

Who says pumpkin carving is just for kids. It is a great way to get in the spooky mood and maybe even do a competition to see who can carve the best pumpkin. 

You don't need to go to a fancy pumpkin patch there are plenty of reasonably priced pumpkins in Lidl or Aldi for the fraction of the price. 


During Autumn the evenings can be mild and darker earlier so a sweet idea is to get the blankets head outside and lie next to one another cuddling and looking at the stars. 

No strings.

Of course, some people just want to get intimate with no strings attached which are fine because we all have different needs. 

Check out  where you can meet like-minded people to keep you warm this autumn ;) 

Board games. 

A fun way to spend an evening is to just the old board games and get competitive to see who can win, it is great way to relax with one another and you will never know where the night will lead.....

Early night. 

In this day and age, we can spend time not on our loved ones but on the old screen. So why not take a night off and go to bed early with your partner and get cosy and cuddly in the sheets. 

It is great way to show you appreciate your partner especially if you ditch the phone to spend some quality time with them, I am sure it will but a smile on their face. 


Nothing is relaxing than sharing a bubble bath with someone you like and it is a perfect way to wind down for the night and feel cosy in autumn. 

What ways do you like to have dates with someone in the autumn time that doesn't' cost the earth? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Cheers for reading X 

This is an AD however all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Why autumn is the best time to date in Warwickshire. **AD**

Hey readers,

Can you believe we are in September already which gives me all the cosy feelings.  This time of year is a wonderful time if your single and ready to mingle and let me tell you why. 

Now, I live close by to Warwickshire which is a beautiful place to go explore with someone new who may not know the area or simply enjoy the location as much as you. During Autumn in Warwickshire makes a wonderful backdrop when going out and having a good time with someone new. 

Because autumn is a mild month this means that you can still take advantage of the pleasant weather. You can go on walks in the evening say to a park. Don't worry there is plenty of parks to walk around in Warwickshire such as Abbey Fields in Kenilworth.

 The park idea is fab because you don't have to spend money on getting to know someone as that in its self can be costly depending on where you go. 

Walking around Abbey fields during autumn means one it is mild so you don't freeze to death but also you can enjoy the beautiful autumnal colours.

 At abbey fields, you can take in the view of the lake with the wildlife and see Kenilworth castle in the distance. 

You can bring a picnic along as there is plenty of fields to sit in or if that is not your thing there are some picnic benches. 

With internet dating, it is so much more easy to find people that live close by that you may not have stumbled upon that could be the one for you. 

A brilliant website that is designed for people in Warwickshire or close by is Warwickshire Singles .  

It is easy to join up and free. You don't have to worry about security. Warwickshire Dating
makes sure that each profile is checked by customer service and they are there to assist with any worries that you may face on the site.

Alongside the park idea, another thought is that during the lead up to Christmas means events are held around Warwickshire. 

These events are mostly free so you don't have to break the bank especially if you're conscious about Christmas around the corner. 

One thing I like to do is wander around the towns locally such as Royal Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth and check out the Christmas lights.

It brings about the childhood feels especially in the evening when it is dark and the lights twinkle to get you feeling all fuzzy.

 Of course, during the lead up to Christmas, there are plenty of Christmas lights switch-on through many of the towns of Warwickshire which are free to attend and there will be entertainment such as some celebrity figure doing the switch on. 

Alternatively, there are many free museums in Warwickshire such as Warwick Hall Museum, which is free to enter.

Going to the museum is perfect for when it is a bit chilly or wet and want to escape and take the opportunity to know someone new whilst learning a bit of history along the way. 

What kind of free date ideas during the autumn do you like to do? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X 

This is an AD for Warwickshire Singles. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

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Autumn Tag 2019

Hey readers,

I saw this and had to do it as it makes me feel or cosy snuggled down in this horrid weather. I do have a little bit of an addiction to tags as well, oops!

1. What signifies the start of Autumn for you?

Middle of  September with the cooler climate, the leaves are starting to fall and it gets darker at night.

2. What is your favorite Fall scent?


3. What is your favorite Autumn colour? 

auburn or mustard, can't decide both are bloody gorgeous in their own right.

4. What is your favourite Fall drink? 

Hot chocolate with all the trimmings - cream, marshmallows!

5. What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this Fall? 

Don't really watch much telly, more of a YouTube addict. But I like Humans and Dave Gorman's Life is Goodish. I also like the odd bit of comedy like Mock The Week or have I Got News For You.

6. What is your favorite Fall fashion trend?

jumpers/cardigans/capes. Yes, cosy is my ting!

Fashion, Clothes, Sweater, Wool

7. What is your favourite frugal Autumn activity? 

Staying in curling up with a hot drink or going for an autumn walk in a park or woodlands

.Autumn, Forest, Forest Path, Beech Wood

8. What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather? 

Not really got a particular thing.


1. What signifies the start of Autumn for you?
2. What is your favorite Fall scent?
3. What is your favorite Autumn colour?
4. What is your favorite Fall drink?
5. What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this Fall?
6. What is your favorite Fall fashion trend?
7. What is your favorite frugal Autumn activity?
8. What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather?

Cheers for reading X

Monday, 9 September 2019

5 awesome date ideas that wont break the bank.

Hey readers,

As a parent, it can be hard fitting in time alone with your partner, as time is so precious but I think it is important to take some time when you can to do something together as a couple.

 Here are my top five things to do on a date night that won't cost the bank. 

1) Film. 

I suppose the simplest thing you can do is watch a film with popcorn and you don't have to live the home. I always find good is being mindful and turning off the old technology.

2) Breakfast date.

 Something that I and the other half do now that my eldest is at school and the other one is at nursery is going for breakfast at a cafe.  it is refreshing and a tad bizarre but find it really pleasant to do something different rather than the normal discussion over who is doing the washing.

3) Boardgames.

I know this might not be to everyone's taste, though this does float my boat and that is playing a board game. I love exploding kittens and Monopoly to name some. It is great to get competitive and it is great lighthearted aware to spend an even with your hubby.

 cat kitten explosion explode michael bay GIF

4) Baking. 

 This slightly unusual with the next suggestion being baking, however in my experience if it something that myself and hubby enjoy. I feel it is a way to relax and make a creation together in the kitchen.

5) Walkies. 

 If that doesn't tickle your pickle then going outdoors for a walk is a lovely way to spend time together. plus. it doesn't get the world and it gives you a chance bye of scenery which is always a winner in my book.

 fall autumn leaves when harry met sally foliage GIF

What do you like to do for dates with your partner? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Cheers for reading X

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Thursday, 5 September 2019

Autism anxiety with the return of school.

Hey readers,

It is the start of September which means the return of school if you have children, which I do by the way.

So what is this post about your asking? Well, it is about my eldest who is autistic (hasn't got a diagnosis because to get a diagnosis you need an assessment at school but sadly my son masks his behaviour).

Masking refers to an autistic person using coping skills learnt through observation to hide autistic struggles. 

This is learnt behaviour so he will hide his anger, his hitting out and meltdowns until he gets home and releases it all where he feels safe and comfortable to do so. 

This, however, has a cost which means the school doesn't see this behaviour, therefore, means that he can't possibly be autistic because he doesn't show the right characteristics in ONE setting.

Bear that in mind that it is a spectrum and people behaviour different in settings and with different people. Sadly the child that doesn't exhibit the classic characteristics correctly does not get the right support and will carry on struggling.

 It is ridiculous and unfair and let's face it comes down to money which is being cut drastically in this government.

 I do feel frustrated but it is something that is out of my hands and I have no control over.

Right anyway that was tangent (by the way I am autistic and that is a very common trait in autism). Getting back to my main point of this post is that I want to discuss the week and a half leading up to the return of school for my eldest and the struggles that he faces with the change.

School holidays are six weeks at home with less structure which my eldest struggles with so much. I try my best to have a flexible structure. However I myself have been dealing with a flare-up of a kidney disease that I have so that is wiped me and lost a lot of energy being ill in bed.

I am lucky in one sense of having autism that gives me an understanding and empathy with my son because he is basically a mini-me in pretty much in response to anything.

My son in the past two weeks has struggled and not just a little bit but a lot. He finds it extremely hard to deal with emotions and putting his thoughts coherent in a sentence to someone.

He struggles greatly with change which let's face it returning to school is a big change from having no school to six hours at school in a busy and loud environment.

He struggles with the anxiety knowing he is going back though he does have friends and has fun with them there are challenges he has to deal with.

 One being at break time he goes over-stimulated and stressed so much that he has a chair placed in the school playground where he can have a break from the stimuli and has a book to read to give him a chance to switch off and escape.

The hardest aspect of my son's behaviour to deal with is his anger which is just a response to the anxiety. He has big outbursts and even stamped on my sons head. This is worrying and was the first time however he is been very hostile and it is scary as a parent. It is something we are ongoing to try to find alternative strategies but it is something that takes time.

Sleep is a big problem. He finds it hard to switch off and constantly asks questions before bed. He always asks what he can think about. He doesn't normally go straight to sleep but stare at the ceiling thinking things over. The times when he does fall straight asleep when is totally exhausted and burnt out physically that he hasn't the strength to stay away.

He has repetitive behaviour where he asks the same question over and over again or he repeats words. This is an autistic trait where repeating words or phases is comforting for the individual.

My son does non stop talking and hardly stops unless he is fixated and lost in something such as colouring or making something like a den. It is exhausting because it is not the classical conversation with to and from responses. He states facts and lots of questions which is unbelievably exhausting after an hour.

With anxiety, my son does self inflict pain to cope with the emotional side of how he is feeling. He typically scratches his neck, bites his nails, hits his head, picks his skin around his fingernails. This is his way of coping with the unknown, anxiety or something that he is not in control with. It is not ideal as it causes pain but is very common in people with autism as a way of trying to communication and expressing the feelings that they have as communication verbally is something very difficult to master with autism. 

My son ever since a young age has a desire to have something in his mouth to chew or suck on for comfort. When is a baby he would suck his thumb and we spend ages stopping him from doing it.

 At first, we thought this was a baby thing however he has not lost that need to have something to put in the mouth and through observation, it is a result of stress, anxiety or having no control over something. 

He now everyday chews and sucks on his t-shirt. He has a chewie which is a silicone shaped item that he can chew on safely to self-sooth him. However, he takes off the chewie or he forgets to put it on when he gets changed therefore ends up chewing his top. The result of this is that his top is soaked and his chest is getting bad skin. He has to change his top 2-3 sometimes a day when really stressed. 

He finds it hard to focus on anything when he has anxiety. He can't settle and constantly moving. I try and give him things to do to distract him and calm him down. He responds well to using his hands so he could be making jewellery, colouring-in, writing or putting sticker cards in the book as a way to help give him some focus on something then dealing with the anxiety.

Meltdowns during the lead up to the return of school are coming more frequent with my son. He just screams for long periods of time. He really struggles to deal with emotions and change along with the uncertainty of something new occurring. He can't cope and needs to get that anxiety and frustration out somehow and the thing that he does regularly now is what is called a meltdown. 

A meltdown is a response to the overstimulated and emotional situation that he has experienced during the day or over a period of time. It is like you lose control and don't know what to do, you just really want that extremely unpleasant feeling to go out of your body and get back to normal. 

I myself have meltdowns and they are exhausted because they take your energy, frustration, angry at that moment. They are intense and after you have to deal with the guilt of the outburst because you know it upsets you and the other people involved. 

When my son goes through a meltdown he doesn't want to do anything, he refuses everything. It takes a lot of time and energy to bring him back to save place where he is violent and shouting. 

Most of the time I take him to a quiet place (normally my bedroom) and shutout as many stimuli as possible such as closing the curtains, turning on soft lights etc and this has been somewhat helpful to calming him down. He also loves mummy's bedding which is waffle and that is a sensory pleasure he can get to help him to calm down. 

So, yeah a couple of weeks is like a volcano that builds up with time and you know that he will blow. He has does this for the past four years now since he has been in school and responds exactly the same way everytime without fail. 

All you can do as a parent is provide support and space. Making sure you talk to him and give him as much information. He can frustrate me and sometimes I feel helpless. But I still crack on and keep going because as a parent you do your best for your child with what you have.

Cheers for reading X  

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

How to tell if you are a hipster!

Hey readers,

Today I saw a colouring-in book in Poundland and the theme of the pictures was all about a hipster's lifestyle. I have heard of this term hipster quite a few times over the past couple of years.  So, I thought I would draw together some key characteristics to identify a hipster.

I just thought I would start off with the definition of what a Hipster is: It is someone who follows the trends/fashion that is outside the cultural mainstream.

**Please note it is just a bit fun, nothing serious.**

1) Firstly, I think one of the main identifiable features of a hipster is their beard or mustache. I am not talking about the dirty biker type but you know the clean and groomed variety. The hipster beard/ mustache looks pristine and full of beard oil or mustache wax which is taken care of regularly. A lot of time and effort has gone into making the hipster beard look perfect.

2) The hipster hates anything associated with mainstream, they are on their own level and only enjoy the love of indie film and (that tend to have a small budget in making them) tend to be underground and unheard of.

3) To be a true hipster they don’t like any well-named bands such as BeyoncĂ© but go for the more unusual tastes. They love bands such as Death Cab for Cutie, Radiohead or Archaide of Fire as their chose preference in music.

4) The hipster can be found hanging out with other fellow hipsters in artsy-fartsy coffee shops and post their arty coffee on Instagram. Or unusual places that no other person has heard about.

person pouring hot water in mug with ground coffee

5) The hipster normally travels by riding a bicycle as their chose preference to travel and look down on people who drive a car.

6) The hipster has a love for old technology and when the hipster is out walking outside they flash their old Walkman whilst listening to their indie music of course. They appreciate graffiti not as a nuisance but art so they are probably walking around looking for some thought-provoking pieces.

black and silver film camera on brown wooden surface

6) The hipster craves  ‘vintage’ and they get all their clobber from flea markets or raided from their parents and grandparents wardrobe.

7) The hipster wears spectacles not because of poor vision but for a fashion statement.

8) The hipster tends to be a vegan and more than likely have a specific Instagram account for all their foodie pictures which happen to be taken from their old style camera such as a Fuji X.

9) A hipster is found to have on their YouTube channel videos full of live music.

10) The hipster wears a  lumber jacket, skinny jeans and converse…you know what am talking about, this is a common uniform for a hipster.

autumn close up color daylight

11) For a hipster, a tattoo or earring is so very important to their image. The hipster tends to opt for triangles, arrows or some sort of quote on their arms. The earrings that the hipster are one in the nose and big bloody holes. if you're going to be a hipster you need to make an impression!

Cheers for reading X

Monday, 2 September 2019

The Snowman Tour at Coventry Cathedral **AD**

Hey readers, 

It is September so it is socially acceptable to mention the C word... Christmas?! Well, this year something special is happening at Coventry Cathedral *DRUM ROLL* ..... only the magical The Snowman Tour makes a comeback from last years sellout tour.

© Snowman Enterprises Limited.
Above photography © Tom Bangbala.

The world’s leading performers of The Snowman, Carrot Productions has staged almost 200 performances to date across the UK, including at many of the country’s finest Cathedrals and venues, and the orchestra comprises musicians drawn from the UK’s top orchestras.

Above photography © Tom Bangbala.

From the classic, The Snowman film comes alive performance set in the beautiful Coventry cathedral where it comes alive with an orchestra and of course playing the iconic song 'walking in the air'.

This is truly a beautiful treat to give to your children and give you a lovely warm cosy ready for the lead up to Christmas. 

© Snowman Enterprises Limited.
Here is the trailer to The Snowman Tour.

There are two dates for the Snowman Tour in Coventry Cathedral:

Date And Time.

Sat, 7 December 2019.

14:00 – 15:00 and 16:30 – 17:30. 


Coventry Cathedral, Priory Street, Coventry, CV1 5FB.


Refunds up to 30 days before the event. 


Prices ticket vary, starting from  £13.38 – £30.44.


Click here to buy tickets. 

Above photography © Gareth Widdowson.
Above photography © Gareth Widdowson.

Above photography © Gareth Widdowson.
Above photography © Gareth Widdowson.

Above photography © Gareth Widdowson.

Above photography © Gareth Widdowson.

You can find more information on The Snowman Tout here.

Cheers for reading. 

This is an AD for The Snowman Tour. I was kindly gifted tickets for the performance in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Bamboo SockShop Socks Review And Giveaway. **AD**

Hey readers, 

Nothing beats the luxury of soft socks to keep your feet warm and protected. Have you heard about bamboo socks well if you not then Sockshop have a bamboo range of socks that have become really popular. 

The sock shop offers a range of sizes for kids, men, women and unisex so there really is something for everyone.  

 If you have heard of SockShop they are one of the greatest success stories in British retail. that started with a 'silly' idea about selling socks to now becoming a world-leading brand with the largest sock collection on the market. 

There are over 70 big-name brands, including Pringle, Elle, Tommy Hilfiger, and Hugo Boss, on our online store and SochShop sell to over 240 countries across the globe. 

There is a wide range of colour and design to chose from. I have kindly gifted the socks pictured below and can say they feel so good. I do love bright and bold patterns like the rainbow stripes and it is a great way to add fun to your outfit. 

There are many benefits of bamboo socks especially as I have autism and sensory issues so having material that is soft on my feet really helps keep me calm when I am out in a stressful environment.  

The socks themselves are super soft and skin-friendly that has natural antibacterial properties that prevent odor. Which is brilliant as I have sensory issues with regards to the sensation of sweating. 

My feet sweat because I pace and walk due to stimming and anxiety. Having socks to help reduce the odor can make me feel loads better when I am out and about and feel less anxious.

 It is the small things that can make a big difference and if it works then why not. With the material being bamboo moisture is much better than cotton, keeping skin cool, dry and healthy. 

As we are fast approaching the return of children going back to school, then Sockshop have you covered. The children's socks have hand linked toes for a super soft feel which is perfect if they are at school all day. 


How would you like to get your hands on two pairs of ladies bamboo Sockshops? Enter the giveaway below and you could be in with a chance to win some,  good luck! 

Cheers for reading X 

This is an AD for SockShop. I was given the stripy pair of socks in exchange for a review. The two ladies socks were given to host a giveaway. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

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What you need to know about Alton Towers.

Hey readers,

Have you heard of Alton Towers? It is an amusement park set in Staffordshire near the village of Alton. Also, there is Cbeebies Land which is smaller riders for younger children based on the popular children's programs aired on CBeebies television channel.

CBeebies Land.

They have a brilliant selection of rides that are not too scary for them. There is the wonderful In the night garden boat ride which is really relaxing and you get to spot the famous characters such as Iggle Piggle and Oopsie Daise.

Postman Pat Parcel Post Ride.

There is Postman pat ride in the van which is fun as they have interaction buttons and also the child can drive around while us parents slop about in the pack.

There are also live shows that you can meet the characters from Bing to Hey Dugaee.

There is also a brilliant park and that lets face is always a hit with slides and zip wires to get your little ones burning off some energy.

There are little up and down rides in Cebbiesland perfect for the young uns such as this fun Go Jetters ride and all you can sit together as a family on one ride. 

Get Set Go Tree Top Adventure. 

This was a hit going around the track and seeing the Cbeebies and seeing what they were up to. I enjoyed being high up and seeing all the views. 

There is plenty of places to go to toilets that are clean and baby changing rooms as well.

In the park, there are picnic areas and also a large area near the shows where there is grass where you can hang out too.

The Numtums Number Go Round.

The smaller rides at CBeebies Land can be a bit dull for my 5 and 7-year-old. I think there transitioning but still enjoyed themselves on many of the rides. However, this ride wasn't as much of a hit but be perfect for the toddler. 

Something Special Sensory Garden. 

I will be honest with you to have been at CBeebies Land for over an hour and a half. My eldest who is autistic was really struggling with the environment. He was very meltdowny and it was hard for him to calm him down. So, I took both boys the Something Special sensory garden perfect for time out and a little calm. 

There are plenty of benches to sit at and your little 'uns can have a runaround or indulge of sensory with touching and learning with the trees and plants. 

My eldest is the happiest when is climbing which he has done since 5 months old. If he could he would live in a tree. There are also musical instruments which can be relaxing too. 

The opening times. 

During the summer holidays the park is open from 10am till 6pm however, the times change according to the months so do double check if you visit here.

Car park costs. 

The car park cost is a flat rate of £6 all day. However, there is an option where you can pay for an express car park for £18 per car you get to park your car right next to the entrance of the theme park. This option is only available pre-booked and you can not buy it on the day.


Now when we visited we had purchased a Merlin Pass which allows you access to the park as many times as we want to.  With the Merlin Pass, it meant that we could get into the CBeebies Land at 9:30 before it opened at 10am to non-merlin pass tickets.

With the merlin pass, we opted for a premium because we thought that the perks were worth it. The price for premium pass is an individual price for adult or child £229 PP or a family 3+ (max 3 adults 12+) £189 PP. With this pass, you can get free parking at the attractions, 20% of food and visit anytime without restrictions. 

Alternatively, the standard annual pass or adult and child £179 pp or family 3+ (max 3 adults 12 +) £139 PP. 

With this pass it allows you to enter 30 top attractions across the UK such as London Eye, Sea Life Centre, and Legoland. 

Also if you have a disability that requires a career then that carer can get a free merlin pass. Guests with certain disabilities are able to get a disabled access pass which means they can enter via the ride exit to avoid the queuing. 


Near the car park there is a monorail and it approximately 15 minutes for waiting and arriving at the entry of Alton towers. However, you can walk to the entrance and it is roughly about 20-25 minute walk. 

I just want to point out that if you are a carer for the person with a disability then that person has to be 14 years of age to accommodate them on the ride.

Fast track pass. 

Comes in different packages - details below.

 * The platinum unlimited - fast track on 14 attractions cost £100.

* Gold - fast track 15 rides and attractions cost £60.

* Silver - fast track the big 6 rides cost £40.

Bronze - fast track 4 rollercoasters cost £24.

**Bear in mind that this total is not including the entrance fee into the park**.

Drinks  - refill.

You can purchase a drinking vessel in one of the many shops at the resort and this allows you to have as many refills as you want on the day for £7. However, due to sugar tax sugary coke, etc cost an additional 20p on top each time you want a sugary drink.


There is plenty of variety of eateries from fast food to top-notch restaurants. I took a picnic with us so that cut costs.

Alton Towers rides.

There are many different rides from rollercoasters to teacup spinning rides. You can check on the app the height restrictions so then your child won't be disappointed. 

Marauder's Mayhem - aka teacups. 



I took my children on the Hex which is a haunted house and sat in a ride that gave you the illusion of going upside down. Bear mind it was later in the day, we had been on a wet ride and they were quite tired. Both my boys had full-on meltdowns so be wary if you do go on that.

I much prefer Duel The Haunted House Strikes Back which is another haunted house ride. However, it feels more fun with different size floorboards and lighting. 

When you have walked around the house you then can go on the ride which is a great family-friendly ride. 

You have lasers in the boat for each person, a maximum of four. You ride around and hit targets and score points. Definitely, recommend this ride as it is my favourite. 

Runaway Mine Train. 

There is a choo ride which is brilliant fun where you sit on a rickety train, both my boys loved this and were laughing their heads of all along the ride.

Rapid Congar Rivers. 

There are wet rides to congo really good and the boat is prepared you will get drenched.

Sharkbait Reef. 

As Alton Towers is owned by Merlin Attractions which also owns the sea life centres throughout the UK they have added a small sea life centre in the park. It is ideal if you want a break to check out the fishes. The attraction also has a popular tunnel where you walk above seeing all the fish swim by. 

Sky Ride. 

There are three sky rides where you can travel in a box above the air which is brilliant for looking below near the gardens.

Ho pirate ship. 

here are also some really good rides for children under 1.2m such as the rocking boat and it was lovely and gentle. My 5-year-old loved this as you can see in the photo. 


A good tip is to measure your child before coming to Alton Towers as some rides will only allow children over certain heights depending on the ride. This will help your child not to get disappointed. 


There are plenty of toilets situated throughout the amusement part so no need to fear. 


The resort is big so be prepared to walk. But also if you want to explore there are lovely gardens and towers to walk around. 

Alton Towers App.

I would recommend the app because you can check the times of waiting, you have a map that can navigate well and you can click on all the rides closest to you so making planning a bit easier. It also had where the toilets and other facilities located.


‣ arrive early to the park so you get the full use.

‣ be mindful that at busy times there is a lot of waiting for rides.

‣ The park is massive and you will be walking a lot so make sure you wear comfy shoes.

‣ Do what feels right for you, don't stress about doing everything.

‣ You can buy cheap tickets at 241 when you buy chocolate. There is also Tesco points you can convert saving you a ton of money that way.

I have teacher training days and they are a brilliant time to take my boys as during a school weekday where it is quieter meaning smaller ques.

‣ I suggest bringing a spare set of clothing with you so that when you leave you can change and get cosy for the trip home.

Cheers for reading X