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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

15 struggles of an introvert

Hey readers, 

I am an introvert and there are many times I have struggled with being an introvert so here are 15 reasons that introvert is a real struggle at times.

1) This may sound strange but when it comes to loneliness people often assume people need to reach out to others to find comfort. However, for me as an introvert, I find that I feel more lonely when in social situations than when you are by yourself.

2) I know that when I spend time with other people it takes a lot of mental energy from me and I feel afterward completely mentally exhausting at times. Whereas my husbands thrive of people that engagement where I just feel the total opposite. 

3) As an introvert one of my biggest phobias is having to answer the house phone or take calls. I am the type of person to let the phone ring to answer the phone so I know who it is and then I will answer if I am feeling comfortable doing so. 

4) My home is a flat which I need to use a lift and the worst part of this situation is having to be stuck in a lift with a really chatty person and it can take a couple of minutes to get to the ground floor and it feels like an eternity for me. 

5) People think your mysterious or got some special personality because you don't talk to people. However, I don't, I am just not a very people person. 

6) My worst fear is having to take part in icebreaker activities, I hate them and for me, it feels like torture. I would much prefer to be kicked continuously in the stomach, I can deal with physical pain no problem but communication is not something I am good at especially when it is forced. 

7) Thank goodness for self serve as I am really awkward when having to face a supermarket till assistant and they start getting into a chit chat. 

8) I don't do small talk, it is not my specialist subject. 

9) Having a mad panic before a social event before and after. Rehearsing what I am going to say or did I say something or not something when I should of.  

10) I get angry when people interfere with my me time as this is the time I need to build back up my energy to deal with people.

11) People often assume that I am rude when I don't talk but probably more likely that I am absolutely petrified of knowing what to say or if I am doing it right and over analysing every little bit of detail.

12) The relief you get when you shut the front door at the end of the day and you don't have to worry about what you have to say as your in your safe place and you can just be you. 

13) Communication does not come naturally to me and often I get confused by the social rules in what I should or should not be doing. 

14) I seem to have this habit, not unintentionally but attracting awkward situations even though I  hate because I don't know what I am meant to do it still frequently happens

15) After social interactions, you need time by yourself to build up back your energy from the work of interacting with others 

Are you an introvert? Do you recognize this introvert struggles? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X